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Basic behaviors that spoil your savings

You may have the habit of saving ingrained in you but still your money does not grow. How could this happen if every month you strive to meet your savings plan and save a percentage of your salary? The explanation is simple: There are harmful behaviors – and often unconscious – that undermine the money you are trying to reserve for the future.

In order to avoid them, we will explain the most basic:

Buy everything in discount

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The brain is a complex organ, but when it comes to discounts it becomes quite primitive: See something with a “must-see” discount and it immediately becomes what you MUST have. Error! If this purchase was not planned – because it is not something you need – then you must think twice before saying yes. Compare what the normal price is, how much is the discount and how much utility will you give to that item. Pay attention, not everything that has discounts deserves to be bought.

The ant expenses. These seemingly harmless expenses are like the poison that takes effect a few days later. The taxis you take to leave home late, soda or coffee that you buy every day and those sweets in the afternoon to get rid of sleep, everything ends up adding up and if you do not control them, they will be more expensive. If you want to know more about ant expenses, read this .

Keep money under the mattress

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The problem is not so much that they can steal from you but that your money DOES NOT GROW. The prices of things continue to rise but the money you saved is losing value. The best way to save is by placing money in an account that pays you interest for it. In addition, it motivates you to continue doing it because you see that what cost you so much is growing and not stuck in a box under the bed.

Review the Justine Verdewsa savings comparator and test each of the options to find the one that suits you best. Avoid these harmful behaviors financially and continue with your savings plan. If you still think that saving is not for you, calm down, this guide for bad savers will get you out of trouble and give you the necessary tips so that this is not a problem.

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