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Charte Uncategorized Diving loan insurance: protect your real estate loan despite risky sports practice.

Diving loan insurance: protect your real estate loan despite risky sports practice.

Guarantee your mortgage with a credit insurance adapted to the practice of scuba diving, you practice a sporting activity, diving and you have difficulties to insure your loan?

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a sport or leisure activity consisting of moving underwater equipped with a suit, a bottle of oxygen, a mask and fins. This underwater discipline allows you to explore the underwater world.

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Dive loan insurance : is scuba diving covered by your loan insurance?

Exclusions often come back when subscribing to an insurance contract for bank loans: risky sports such as diving are part of sports practices that pose a problem for insurers to guarantee the loan.

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Real estate risk insurance

Real estate risk insurance

Although it is not legally required to subscribe to it, loan insurance is generally associated with a home loan. Indeed, the banks most often require its subscription to grant this long-term loan. In the event of death, disability or incapacity for work, loan insurance covers the repayment of all or part of the loan to the bank. Since the Cogilaw Company came into effect on September 1, 2010, borrowers are entitled to freely purchase their loan insurance from the insurer of their choice. This offers them the opportunity to compete with insurers to find the insurance contract loan that is the most advantageous report / price.

Some insurance contracts give the possibility to buy back exclusions, the insurance company agrees to insure the practice of some risky sports like scuba diving.

Scuba diving: pay attention to “exclusions”

Scuba diving: pay attention to "exclusions"

In many loan insurance contracts, scuba diving is subject to “exclusion” as insurers consider this discipline to be “at risk”. Remember to check the exclusions of each contract to compare them. For an insurer to cover this risk, you will have to pay a premium.

If during the holidays you practice scuba diving (sport considered at risk) you may not be covered by a conventional loan insurance. Take advantage of your leisure and sports practices without worry in France or abroad, with the loan insurance policies offered by your insurer covered loan and guaranteed even with the practice of recreational scuba diving.

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