Aggravated cancer risk and loan insurance

Aggravated cancer risk and loan insurance

Borrow and insure your home loan with an increased health risk due to cancer. For a home loan, to finance the acquisition of housing or the construction of a property, the broker insurance cheap loan offers online help for borrowers who had cancer

CANCER: Help and Information for the Right to Credit and Loan Insurance

Anonymous, confidential and secure brokerage service is made available to borrowers against the denial of insurance borrower in case of cancer.

Expert advisers in cancer loan insurance are ready to help in the process of taking out loan insurance. Preparation of the medical file in the respect of the deontology.

Simulation, Quote and Comparison of Credit Insurance

Simulation, Quote and Comparison of Credit Insurance

Insurance with cancer, cheaper guarantee solution

Insurance with cancer, cheaper guarantee solution

The broker knows the difficulty faced by people who have had cancer to secure a mortgage. We invite you to discover the loan insurance companies that offer pre-cancer insurance solutions.

Improve access to loan insurance for patients and facilitate access to bank loans by simplifying procedures and research

For a study of your insurance loan borrower insurance, and thus receive the best offer of mortgage insurance with an increased health risk following cancer, please fill in your borrower information on our online comparator and contact us by email to request the health questionnaire “cancer”:

  • Application rate insurance loan cancer
  • Medical questionnaire cancer

Real estate mortgage insurance following cancer

Cancer disease should not prevent real estate borrowers from realizing a real estate project. The cheap loan insurance broker helps you find a solution for your real estate mortgage insurance with cancer.

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A pooling of risks set up during the AERAS agreement strengthens access to credit. The cost of mortgage insurance for the purchase of a principal residence for sick borrowers is then capped.

Application for cancer loan insurance, several possible answers:

  • Insurance is accepted at normal rate
  • The insurance is accepted, with a surcharge in addition to the normal rate
  • The insurance is accepted with exclusions of guarantee related to the pathology
  • The insurance is refused (definitive or temporary).

The answer for a loan file with a health problem is at least 10 days and does not exceed 2 months. The answer to your application for cancer loan insurance is valid for 6 months from the date of the medical questionnaire.