The new generation of Orange 10 Gbps fiber already reaches 900,000 homes in Spainbeing the market with the greatest coverage in our country, and the figure could grow thanks to this new package designed to meet the growing consumption of digital content at home and the growing demand for connectivity derived from telework.

What does the Infinity Pack contain?

This service will integrate Infinity Fiber (up to 10Gbps symmetrical), new Livebox router with Wifi 6e, Premium Wi-Fi service with Wi-Fi 6 repeater and customer support in configuration and commissioning. In addition, it also includes customer support after installation, sending a technician to your home, if you need it.

The use of a speed of 10 Gbps (approximately 8 Gbps are actually served and the rest is used to ensure connectivity), according to the orange operator, is for example indicated “so that all members of the household can enjoy the best diffusion in movies and series in 4K resolution from multiple TVs at the same time, access remote working or training tools, as if they were in the office or at the educational center, play online like never before thanks to the minimum delay of games on Internet and in the cloud and make video calls, almost as if you were talking face to face, without communication degradation or interruption”.

Beyond what Orange offers in its package, remember that you need an Ethernet compatible with 10G BASE-T (Cat.6 Ethernet cables are the minimum compatible with this technology, while it is recommended to use Cat.6a or better Ethernet) and a 10G network card, or a Thunderbolt 3 adapter with a 10 Gbps Ethernet port. Otherwise, we would waste the contracted pack.

Introductory offer

In launch promotion, the new Infinity Pack can be rented, until October 3, for only 5 euros per month as final price on the monthly cost of the new Orange Love Cinema and Series and Love Fútbol tariffs.

Once this date has passed, the price of outside this promotional period it will be 13 euros per month.