Like most people, you are probably very proud of your home. As such, you maintain it, clean it and adapt it. Adapting a home can take many forms, such as renovating, extending or converting. But it can also mean reassigning a room to something like a home theater or a basement brewery. We all have our quirks and hobbies. Here are 5 amazing and surprisingly quick home projects you might want to consider for your next hobby.

Outdoor pool

Not all climates will benefit from an outdoor pool. Yet even colder countries like Canada, the UK, and parts of the US get enough sun to enjoy it. Due to bad weather, you might think that a swimming pool is not for you. But there are many benefits to having a swimming pool and being able to lounge on a hot day. Plus, your own swimming pool will encourage you and your family to get more active, making family time more enjoyable.

You would be forgiven for thinking that an outdoor swimming pool installation is a huge job. In the past, this was the case. Yet advancements in pool installation technology mean you can have your own pool in less than a week. Prefabricated fiberglass structures such as Dolphin pools allow straight lines and freeform pools of all shapes and sizes to be installed quickly by expert builders and engineers.

Kitchen renovation

You are probably going to think that it is not possible to renovate a kitchen in a short time. But this is where you would be wrong. While a kitchen traditionally takes around 6 weeks to renovate, it can be done quickly using a few shortcuts and simple tricks. To significantly reduce your renovation time, you can do the following:

  • First, plan everything: know exactly what needs to be done.
  • Reuse existing fixtures: Simply replace cabinet doors rather than units or countertops.
  • Leave the plumbing: if it works, leave it.
  • Use stand-alone appliances: Built-in appliances take a long time to install correctly.
  • Leave the electricity: if it works and is safe, leave it.
  • Tiling if necessary: ​​only tile in the backsplash areas and paint the rest.
  • Use battery-powered lighting: install battery-powered spots rather than mains.

Most kitchen jobs are time consuming and require professionals for installation, such as ovens, utility hooks, plumbing, and lighting. By forgoing expert jobs in favor of safe tasks that you can do on your own, you’ll save a ton of money and time. For example, the trickiest thing to do is replace closet doors. A DIY project like this can be done in a matter of days with a partner.

Agriculture in the door

There is nothing like fresh produce to use in your home cooking. However, the pinnacle of that is growing your own vegetables and herbs. This is a great perk for everyone, but if you love to cook then this is a godsend. However, growing your own vegetables and herbs usually takes some time and depends on the weather. But not anymore. You can create your own vertical garden with drip system or install hydroponic plant growers.

Vertical drip gardens are more complex because they require you to irrigate the system properly. But once that’s done, you just turn it on and forget about it. The verticality saves space so they can be installed anywhere. For your renovated basement or dark areas, however, you can use UV or LED lights for gardening. The easiest option is to install hydroponic plant growers. These are amazing machines that come in different sizes for 6, 12 or 24 plants at a time. It is an all-in-one system with integrated planters, LEDs and a timed watering system. They are so effective that you can grow tomatoes from seed to edible fruit in 4 weeks.

Homemade alcohol

In addition to growing your own food, you might want to accompany it with your own homemade beer and cider. For a lot of guys, this is an absolute dream come true. But the complexity of developing a beer or cider that tastes good has always deterred people from the idea. Typical homebrew kits are considered a joke. And they don’t produce anything close to consumable. Still, it’s possible to make your own alcoholic beer and cider at home that looks and tastes fantastic for the first time.

Home brewers like Pinter have done all of the hard work for you. They designed cold press kits that you install in your device. These packs are made from their award winning recipes and form the basis of your homebrew. The beauty of Pinter is that it’s a mess-free system and it does it all. The appliance will ferment the cold press for you and you can type your brew straight from the barrel-shaped system. From start to finish, you can enjoy your own beer and cider in just one week.

Home Cinema System

You would be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t like a home theater system. But the general consensus is that a home theater is expensive and difficult to create. Well not really. Some equipment can indeed be expensive. However, you can get great deals on projectors and sound systems. If you don’t want the best available, you can install a relatively inexpensive system for about the same price as a good TV.

All you need is:

  • Projector: HD with built-in inputs or card readers are best. 4K is great, but expensive.
  • Projection screen: Duronic pull-downs are the best, but anything that is white and clean can be used. Even painted on a wall works great for some.
  • Projector mounts if needed: A sturdy table mount or stand-alone item will do.
  • Audio device: Any good quality sound bar will do.
  • Wires: 20 meter HDMI, extension cords and audio wires required.
  • Seats: one or more comfortable seats.
  • Decoration (optional): various items such as a popcorn stand or movie posters.

The hardest part of this whole project is position your projector. If you have the skills, you can place your projector on the ceiling for the best results. Determining the distance is essential and will vary depending on your screen and the size of the room. However, you can buy a projector mount, although you will need to place your seats around it, and some can be noisy or get hot.

Once your projector is installed, it’s just a matter of plugging in the wires. It’s also tricky as you don’t want loose cables all over the place so be sure to secure them in the room with clips and duct tape. If done correctly, you can have a basic home theater up and running in a day.



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