stranger things may pay homage to more than a few classic 80s movies, but the show’s own characters are more interested in Dungeons and Dragons than the world of cinema. However, there are plenty of cinematic works that put true moviegoers at the center of the story.

Whether it’s cinematic anecdotes only die-hard fans know about or an appreciation for visionary filmmakers, fans have developed a love for the main characters that also shows their penchant for powerful films. From Amanda’s iconic movie collection to Alabama’s need for pie before watching movies again, here are nine movies about moviegoers that Redditors and moviegoers love!


8 Super 8 (2011)

The Super 8 kids filming the train wreck.

Many fans compared Super 8 to the movie version of the popular TV show stranger things and it’s safe to say that they certainly have many similarities. The film follows a group of young filmmakers as their homemade movie is interrupted by a train wreck that sees their set and town ripped apart, setting off a series of bizarre events that put cinema at its very heart.

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Announcement_eccentric_7325 explained how”Super 8 shows exactly how love for movies begins,” with the film’s main characters exploring their directorial talent, mastery of makeup, and aural skills. The film is the perfect watch for movie history buffs, as the characters share also a penchant for different camera lenses and explores the vision behind cinema, something drawn from JJ Abrams’ own childhood experiences with cinema.

seven True Romance (1993)

Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette watch a movie in True Romance.

true romance is a violent love story that follows Alabama and Clarence, who fall in love and find themselves on the run. The cult classic continues to be a popular staple that has allowed fans to recreate the couple’s cool but goofy wardrobe as well as the iconic movie scene.

The pair had their own cute encounter in the movie theater and while it might have been rowdy, it was obvious from then on that the unlikely pair shared an admiration for movies. Leaving the cinema, Alabama tries out the moves she saw on screen and proceeds to pie search, a ritual she does after watching a good movie so she can discuss it in depth. The film follows the sweet but dangerous couple as the two cinephiles fall in love through the cinema, with That Floyd dude share how it’s their “second favorite movie.”

6 The Cable Guy (1996)

Jim Carrey smiles creepily in image of Cable Guy

cable guy is an obscure comedy that saw the smart couple of Matthew Broderick and Jim Carrey leave fans in tears after watching. Jim Carrey plays Chip, a cable company who comes to install Stevens but quietly offers him a few extra movie channels until his goodwill sees him harassing his ex-client.

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While the movie’s goofy plot ultimately focuses on the conflict between Steven and Chip, it also gives fans a main character who loves movies as much as they do. Radirondacks explained how “Chip’s obsession with film and television is a huge part of why his character is the way he is,” along with him constantly giving patrons free access to movies. Chip’s childhood was spent being raised by television due to his mother’s absence, leading him to believe that every individual should have access to the lifeline of movies and television.

5 The Vacation (2006)

Kate Winslet and Jack Black in The Vacation (2006)

Vacations may be a film that makes viewers want to travel the world, but it has also encouraged many fans to desire a job in the film industry. Miles plays a Hollywood film composer and, in a detour, the love interest of Iris, the pair bond at the movies alongside Iris’ temporary neighbor, a Hollywood star named Arthur.

The film delights in making many fans jealous of Amanda’s incredible collection of films, but also gives them insight into the making of a film and all of its important components. Miles is a self-proclaimed movie buff who shares his vast knowledge with Iris by performing his favorite movie scores in the rental store. A Redditor explained how the “movie did [them] reminiscing on all the great movie soundtracks that helped make each movie so iconic!”

4 The Majestic (2001)

Peter makes a date at the cinema in The Majestic

The Majestic is a quirky and heartwarming film that tells the story of a famous screenwriter suffering from amnesia, who finds himself in a new city where his love for cinema is the only thing that allows him to regain his memory. Despite being blacklisted in 1950s Hollywood, Peters’ desire to restore the old movie theater drives him to explore his earlier memories of filmmaking and what led him to become a screenwriter.

BojukaBob shared how the film delivers a “surprisingly strong dramatic performance by Jim Carrey”, whose character openly expresses his love for cinema’s ability to create conversation. That’s why he left Hollywood when censorship banned what makes cinema so vital to society: freedom of expression!

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz

Although it is a comedy film, Warm fuzz contains several chilling scenes that continue to play in viewers’ minds even today, but are quickly made up for when fans think of the duo’s unlikely comedic chemistry. This cop buddies comedy sees the pair form a close bond aided by PC Butterman having the biggest collection of action movies to date.

His dedication to the action genre is embraced by Officer Angel, and the duo prove themselves as badass cops by mirroring the deft moves they learned on the big screen, underscoring how informative the films are. Editors continue to pay homage to Hot Fuzz and the moviegoers within it by asking the famous question: “Haven’t you seen Bad Boys 2?”.

3 The Dreamers (2003)

The trio speaks

The dreamers caused quite a stir when it was released in 2003 due to its explicit nature and controversial themes, but many viewers felt it offered something the cinema had never seen before. The indie film follows a sister and brother duo who float around their big house until their mundane life is revived by the American college student they meet.

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The boisterous trio crosses borders and in the process forms intimate bonds with each other, fueled by their shared love of filmmaking. Micheal is the first to say he was educated while sitting in a movie theater, while his future friends take the front row in an effort to get the first look at each scene before anyone else. This explored how rather than passively watching a film, some fans appreciate the art form more and view it as an experience, recognized by human5109who said they had “never looked at anything else like” The dreamers.

2 Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

Ronald Cyler II and Thomas Mann in 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' (Review)

Me, Earl and the dying girl is a coming-of-age movie that isn’t talked about enough as it should be, with the film captivating fans from the start. The film’s unique premise creates three very interesting characters as their friendship progresses, with the time-sensitive underlying pressure of Rachel’s battle with leukemia.

This original movie saw the trio bond over Greg and Earl’s home-made movies, which led to them making a movie for Rachel. Greg continually refers to Earl as his colleague, with the pair taking their love for making movies seriously, reflected through the camera’s quick pans and movie references. Me, Earl and the dying girl explored the use of cinema as a form of escapism while highlighting how emotional it can be, with a Editor calling it a “great underrated movie”.

1 Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Screening room Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso is a heartwarming film that every self-proclaimed movie buff should have seen at least once in their life. This sweet film tells the story of Salvatore, a director, who returns home to remember the life of the projectionist, who sparked his own love of cinema when he was young.

The film plays with the past and the present, but instead of staging a romantic story between two lovers, explores his unconditional love for cinema. Irichcrusader said they had “always thought about Cinema Paradiso like a love letter to the art of cinema”, through many beautiful scenes that highlight the power of the film as well as the feelings it can release when immersed in it.

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