His coat was impossible to miss. Project manager Lindsay McBurney had donned the faux fur number with little ears on the hood for her friend’s drag show at Mistura restaurant in 2018, where it caught the eye of Rachael Seyler, a care manager health. Seyler had almost skipped the event but decided to attend at the last minute. She made it through and found the love of her life.

“Who is this very cute human I’ve never seen?” Seyler wondered. She decided to move. “I approached her at the bar and introduced myself,” she says. “I asked who she knew. That’s when we realized we both knew Murphy, our mutual friend who had invited us both to the show. The two quickly hit it off.

“I’m just here, being my most uncomfortable, shy self, not used to attention,” McBurney says, “but this girl is interesting. She definitely pushed me out of my zone. comfort, in a good way. It felt like something new, something I wanted to check out. When the show ended, McBurney and Seyler weren’t ready to say goodnight, so they headed to the LGBTQ theater Buddies in Bad Times is where they shared their first kiss.

They started their first official date at Baddies for brunch, before heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art. They spent the day walking around the exhibits, drinking coffee and laughing at their new jokes.

As their dates progressed, the fall weather was perfect for long, romantic walks in some of their favorite spots, like High Park. “We had what we affectionately call ‘Sammy Sundays,’ where we would go to the local grocer to get fun ingredients and make delicious sandwiches for each other,” Seyler says.

The two fell in love while exploring more local galleries, trying delicious cocktails and hosting friends for dinner parties that turned into impromptu dance parties. The following year, they had moved in together. Soon after, they were joined full-time by Seyler’s family dog, Delilah, as well as a growing collection of miniatures, such as a small shovel that came in a cocktail at one of their favorite bars in London and a red mini moped that Seyler bought McBurney while visit Italy.

The wedding at the Gardiner featured a cake from SanRemo Bakery.

In the spring of 2021, Seyler and McBurney knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. “We had talked about getting married,” Seyler says, “but we never really made it official until, in classic ‘me’ fashion, I decided to go ahead and plan a cute proposal. ” She ordered a plastic miniature pizza from Etsy and wrote “Will you marry me?” on the box it came in. She placed it on a real pizza and served it to McBurney, who immediately replied, “Yes.”

They chose to get married at the Gardiner Museum as a nod to their first date at MOCA. McBurney and Seyler follow fashion, so their August 13, 2022, the wedding was all about style – and they were very excited about their first looks. The couple showed off together at the Hazelton Hotel, but they saved their final ensembles for the big reveal.

When the time came, they found themselves in front of the hotel, surrounded by their loved ones, including Delilah. Everyone was crying before Seyler even turned to see McBurney. “Lindsay took my breath away: her costume was so cool and she looked so badass,” Seyler said. “I was nervous, but as soon as I saw her, it all went away and I just felt excited.”

Their dog Delilah joined in the festivities.

McBurney’s own nerves calmed as soon as she laid eyes on her fiancée. “It’s surreal”, she thought. “I’m going to marry my best friend.”

Seyler wore two outfits overnight: an off-the-shoulder Sash + Bustle dress for the ceremony and, for the reception, a bespoke dress by Caroline Yoon covered in sequins and feathers. “I wanted it to be over the top but still comfortable for dancing,” Seyler says. “He also had pockets!” She paired it with ankle boots that she decorated herself. “I wanted the look to read ‘sparkling party’,” says Seyler. “I hand applied rhinestone rainbow lines to it to give a gay touch to the look.” She also wore a diamond brooch made from her great-grandmother’s wedding ring as well as a tennis bracelet passed down from her girlfriend.

McBurney wore a custom suit by Natasha Espinoza at Gotstyle. Its something-borrowed? Their friend Murphy lent her a chain necklace, on which she put a miniature harmonica of his late grandmother, engraved with the words “little lady”.

Objects from their collection of miniatures mixed in with the decor?  as is Buggsy, a stuffed bunny that they both coincidentally had as children.

They included family and friends in the ceremony whenever possible. McBurney’s cousin kicked off the festivities with a ring-warming ceremony, walking around the room with the wedding rings and asking guests to hold them fill them with good vibes. Murphy acted as emcee, and the couple’s good friend Devin presided over the ceremony. McBurney’s grandmother provided California Raisins figurines to accessorize the seating plan, and some of the couple’s own miniatures were incorporated into the wedding decor. Also present: Buggsy, a stuffed rabbit they both had by chance as children, who was the guest of honor in a plexiglass box.

This sense of all-around playfulness was important to brides. “We love having people over, making people feel comfortable enough to let go,” Seyler says. “We wanted a good party above all else.” For their father-daughter dance, Seyler and her father chose Jackson Browne’s “The Load Out,” a tune they’ve been known to perform on road trips whenever they can trap McBurney in the car. As they sang and swayed together, they invited everyone to dance. “The dance floor,” says Seyler, “was incomparable, moving, and our guests could barely wait until dinner was cleared before heading out.”

Today, the spirit of this special day lives in a high fashion keepsake hanging above their kitchen bar. The room is full of windows, so at night the whole garden turns pink. And it’s the perfect centerpiece for any wild gatherings ahead: a large, bright neon sign proclaiming “Til Death.”

Buggsy the rabbit was also present.


Venue Gardiner Museum

planner and decor Jessica Wies, Mad Bash Band.

Photographer Whim and Willow Photography

Robe Belt + Bustle

reception dress Champagne and cupcakes

Suit gotstyle

Bridesmaids dresses Festivities

flowers Deanna Balmer, the wild pansy

Cake San Remo Bakery

Hair cat morals

To put on makeup Milena Iaizzo, Melody Fralick

neon sign Fuse Neon

Restoration Food guys

dj Eric Lin

Bar Civil liberties

Fuse Neon provided the sign, which now hangs in the couple's kitchen.


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