Acurus designs products with renowned audio performance and is a premium custom integration channel brand for applications such as home theaters, multipurpose media rooms and distributed audio installations.

“The superior engineering of the Acurus brand boldly lives on in its immersive processors, preamplifiers and amplifiers,” says Ted Moore, CTO and co-founder of Acurus / Aragon, brands under the Indy Audio Labs umbrella.

Based in the Midwest, as the name of the parent company suggests, Acurus designs, designs and manufactures audio components characterized by what Moore describes as “high performance, authenticity, modern aesthetics, rock solid construction and intuitive operation.”

“Made in USA” products contain a proprietary and proprietary blend of the latest audio, system configuration and control technologies, creating perfectly balanced solutions for any demanding home installation, Moore explains. Having won global awards and critical accolades (including from CE Pro), Acurus can help custom integrators deliver the ultimate in contemporary audio.

Integrators can use the Acurus ASPEQT part calibration kit

The Acurus line of processors are equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS: X audio decoding and processing with up-to-date HDMI support.

For a compact solution, consider the Muse 16-channel immersive processor. For larger installations, the 20-channel 4-channel ACT is the ultimate immersive processing solution, comments Moore.

Using these processors, in combination with the ASPEQT Room Calibration Kit, the company’s proprietary acoustical optimization system, integrators have a total formula for success when installing and calibrating any home. demanding modern cinema.

For home theater power, look no further than Acurusrange of amplifiers in a Class A / B or Class D configuration. With over 200 watts per channel (all channels driven), the Acurus A2000 series or M8 compact amplifiers produce smooth, clean power for any home installation energy-hungry cinema.

“Whether you need power, performance, flexibility, durability or scalability, Acurus products deliver the experience your customers are looking for in a home theater,” says Moore.

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