Irving wants to raise residential solid waste fees to give increases to city employees who pick up trash and recycle.

City officials say the plan will solve a staff shortage that has caused delays of one to two days in collecting recycling waste, brushes and bulk trash.

The city points to several reasons for the shortage, including a nationwide labor shortage, increased competition in the job market, and the physical demands of the job. Other cities, including Dallas, are reporting the same issues.

“Every day, staff are faced with harsh physical conditions and low morale. ” the town of Irving said on its website, adding that each employee in the solid waste field travels an average of 26 miles per week and manually picks up an average of 36,000 pounds of materials.

Under the proposal, the monthly fee would increase by $ 1, to $ 25.42; fees for senior residents would increase by 80 cents, to $ 20.34 per month.

Currently, the median hourly rate of pay for a solid waste equipment operator is $ 21.93 and $ 23.88 for a heavy solid waste equipment operator.

The fee hike would lead to 5-7% increases for employees, pushing the median hourly rate to at least $ 23 an hour for equipment operators and at least $ 25 for heavy equipment operators .

A public hearing on the proposed rate increase is scheduled for July 22 at 7:00 p.m. at Irving Town Hall, 825 W. Irving Blvd.