Over the past few months, I’ve started building my card collecting YouTube channel. In doing so, I had to focus on who my audience is and what my point of view really is, which has been slowly refined by the commenters on these articles I write for The Athletic. I thought I would share what I observed! This series of articles and my YouTube channel are intended to help collectors new and old better understand the hobby right now.

Something I’ve noticed is that there are currently several different segments of collectors. They are like a deck of cards! Some are future Hall-of-Famers who have been collecting for decades, some are All-Star veterans, some are rookies, and a few have knocked corners, but we still love them!

New Collectors: They love the sport and have decided this is a nice extension of their fantasy teams, which is very true! But because they are new, they are susceptible to falling prey to unscrupulous people in this industry. Like all industries, we have good guys and bad guys. The “wicked” card collector ranks among the lowest forms of villainy, benefiting young collectors, new collectors, and collectors whose nostalgia sometimes clouds their judgment of bargains.

Things new collectors might be heard saying: “I just bought a LeBron rookie on Twitter for $50 shipped! It wasn’t graded, the photo was blurry, and the seller was new to Twitter with zero followers, but still, what a deal!

Investors: This version of “collectors” just wants to diversify their portfolio. Old-school collectors don’t particularly like these folks, but they’re actually great because they bring a lot of money and interest to the hobby. There are many more cards available for collectors because these Wall Streeters love cards.