Children are often very curious about cars. They play with toy cars and imagine what it’s like to get behind the wheel. A smart 14-year-old autistic boy took his curiosity about cars in a unique direction. He has created stunning photos of cars that deceive the eye.

Autistic Boy Uses His iPhone and Toy Cars to Create Heartbreaking Life-Size Scenes

Anthony Schmidt in a classic car | NBC News via YouTube

Anthony Schmidt, a 14-year-old boy with autism from the Seattle area, creates unique photos using his iPhone and toy cars. By playing with visual perspective in shots, he tricks the mind into seeing miniature cars as life-size scenes, as NBC News reports.

At 14, Anthony has to wait a few years before he can drive a car. However, for now, he channels his love of cars through his unique and slightly edited photographic creations. Many of his photos depict classic cars in settings from the past. Examples include a vintage surfing scene, vintage cars parked outside a church, and refueling at a roadside gas station. By “manipulating the miniature”, the autistic boy transforms the cars into life-size.

Anthony Schmidt has a collection of 3,000 toy cars for his photographic activities

Stunning photo of a classic car at a gas station created by Anthony Schmidt, an autistic boy

Photo of a classic car at a gas station | NBC News via YouTube

To facilitate his photographic pursuits, the autistic boy’s parents’ house serves as a warehouse containing his vast collection of toy cars. Anthony currently owns 3,000 toy cars and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of them. When asked the names of specific model cars on display, Anthony was quick to respond: a 1908 Ford Model T, a 1956 Ford Sunliner and a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Anthony explains how autism gives him the talent to create his mind-altering photos

Autistic boy using his iPhone to create a shocking photo of a classic car

Anthony Schmidt Creates a Heartbreaking Photo of a Classic Car | NBC News via YouTube

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Anthony’s meticulous attention to detail can be attributed to his autism. Also, he believes his ability to create stunning photos is due to his condition. In response to the question, “What do you love about being autistic,” he replied, “Not much, but having the talent, and I probably wouldn’t be all over the internet if I didn’t. didn’t have [autism].”

As Anthony noted, he has a huge presence on the internet. On social media, the autistic boy currently has more than 140,000 followers on Facebook and around 600,000 on TikTok. Additionally, many of the posts of her stunning photos have gone viral. Additionally, Schmidt sells his photos, as well as books and calendars.

Autistic Boy’s Words of Wisdom

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Anthony’s mother, Romana, spoke about the positive impact of her son’s photographic creations. She said, “All the attention from different people for his photography makes him feel so good.”

Much of the autistic boy’s collection came from his fans. This not only includes rooms filled with his toy car collection, but also walls of license plates.

Anthony also credits his success and internet fame to his drive. In the interview with NBC News, he offered some words of wisdom. “All people with autism should always pursue their dreams. It’s the same with anyone. You should always pursue your dreams.

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