BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG / WECP) – As things start to improve for the summer season, Bay County officials are working to make sure people are recovering on their own.

“Not only on the white sands but in the neighborhoods, we have to keep everyone clean. We are not a third world country, so obviously we have to take care of our waste and do it responsibly, ”Bay County Commissioner Griff Griffitts said.

A Panama City Beach ordinance requires residents to have a trash can service, but that doesn’t include unincorporated parts of the county.

“Tourists come here and some of them are renting their homes and they don’t know what to do with the garbage,” said Mike Thomas, owner of Thomas Donut & Snack Shop.

Thomas said if they didn’t throw it on the ground, they toss it in his dumpster.

“People throw garbage there [the dumpster] all the time and waste is a costly problem, ”Thomas said.

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat officials said it was a problem they were struggling to get under control.

“It can be frustrating and difficult because we are already full and already busy with our own customers. We don’t have room for their waste, ”said COO John Haas.

Griffitts said he is seeking to introduce the city ordinance in unincorporated Bay County, making garbage collection a municipal service.

“They also control all the water and sewers on the island, so it makes sense to have the waste as a municipal service and let a private carrier transport it. But every household will be required to have it. This is our hope, ”Griffitts said.

Everything you need to keep garbage away from the streets, the beach and other people’s garbage cans.

Griffitts said the county is looking to roll out new orders around the first of the year.

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