The Roman house Bulgari is known for its incredible know-how and its art of fine jewelry. Since its inception, she has been known for her impeccable jewelry, and throughout the 20e century, some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities and personalities have visited Via Conditto in Rome to choose their favorite balls. Bulgari has always been inspired by art and culture for its creations, which are often exaggerated unique pieces that dazzle and delight. Now, the new collection, Magnifica 2021 High Jewelry, raises the bar for exceptional works of art for the neck, wrist, fingers and ears.

The Magnifica series of one-of-a-kind jewelry and watches debuted earlier this month in Milan with great fanfare. It’s not just the look of the individual pieces (inspired by some of the world’s most famous muses), or the craftsmanship that goes into carving metal and setting stones. These factors, combined with the magnificent gemstones (hence the name) that the brand can offer in all shapes and sizes, make this new series a true majesty.

In fact, this collection consists of 350 massive masterpieces, 122 of which have never been seen before. The works reflect the brand’s 137 years of experience and enthusiasm and have required thousands of hours of expertise in forging metals and setting precious stones. Some pieces have even taken years of thoughtful gemstone collecting to get enough of the correctly matched stones in the right sizes, colors, quality, and cuts.

Highlights include the Imperial Spinel Necklace, which has a center spinel stone of rich rose and fuchsia red weighing 131.21 carats. Found in Tajikistan, the rare spinel is the world’s fourth in carat weight. According to Bulgari, the three largest are placed in Russian and British imperial crowns. The necklace to which the spinel hangs is made of diamonds and green emerald pearls that culminate in a fancy center, where the spinel is attached. Imitating a tie, the stone forms the knot and from it hangs a tassel of emerald pearls and geometric diamonds. The entire necklace took over 1,400 hours to create. Some of the other treasures unveiled in this collection required over 2,500 hours of meticulous manual labor

Another spectacular piece features a Colombian emerald cabochon of 93 carats held in the mouth of a snake. Another model, the Mediterranean Queen necklace, bears witness to five oval cushion-cut Paraiba tourmalines, considered the rarest gem in the world and weighing 500 carats. Paraiba tourmalines are a spectacular pale blue color with fiery inclusions that mimic the seas around the Italian island of Sardinia. The necklace is formed of diamonds and emeralds.

The pieces made their debut via a fine jewelry show in Milan, which was also digitally recorded. The best Bulgari customers around the world are among the first to actually see and touch the Magnifica series.