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After a two-month search for the next Coffee County Schools Superintendent, the Coffee County School Board found their wife.

According to board chair Brian McLeod, it was not an easy decision as the board was impressed with all the candidates they had, but Kelly Cobb, owner of Coffee County Schools, beat the other three.

“She has experience with our system. She seemed to display a good in-depth knowledge throughout the interview process, ”said McLeod.

While her background with the system wasn’t the only deciding factor, according to McLeod, it will be beneficial if school starts in less than two months.

“Certainly his knowledge of each school should make the transition easier,” McLeod added. “School starts in a month, so there will be a quick turnaround time, which will help her already know her way. “

With the current role of Cobb, she is well informed about what is going on in the school district.

“She is very familiar with the school system,” said Coffee County Superintendent Kevin Killingsworth. “There are a lot of discussions between me and the district administrators happening every week, several times a day, they know the ins and outs of what’s going on and what we plan to do and how we plan to do it. “

Those familiar with the job say Cobb should expect big things as she steps into her new role.

“It will be a life changing job like I said, it changed my life forever,” Killingsworth added.

Cobb will begin his transition period as soon as possible and as for Mr Killingsworth, he said he was just a phone call away if the school system needed him.

Killingsworth will continue to work with Cobb until his retirement date in August.

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