Costco’s bakery section is a favorite with shoppers, and not just for its oversized dessert selection.

According to fans of the bulk discount store, the new miniature versions of the store’s popular bakery items have been a great addition to the selection.


Costco is known for its huge desserts, but the chain’s new line of miniature desserts are worth a try.Credit: Getty
You can get miniature versions of the chain's popular massive desserts, like the Mini Frosted Cream Cheese Snickerdoodle Cakes.


You can get miniature versions of the chain’s popular massive desserts, like the Mini Frosted Cream Cheese Snickerdoodle Cakes.Credit: Instacart

EatThis NotThat has compiled a list of the best mini dessert options Costco has to offer, ranging from mini cakes to mini cookies.

“These items are miniature, but of course they come in large packages,” it read.

The selection of items at Costco is always changing, but some have become reliable fan favorites.

“Don’t be surprised if smaller versions of your favorite treats appear soon,” the post read.

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One of the most recommended sweets was the mini snickerdoodle cakes.

Cinnamon Cream Cheesecake Frostings are back in the baking aisle after their debut last fall.

It’s one of two 44-ounce desserts the writer has found fans raving about.

A package of Costco Raspberry Mini Cakes also weighs 44 ounces.

Another miniature dessert option offered by Costco is sure to delight long-time shoppers.


For years, the store’s popular All American Chocolate Cake almost always stood on the shelves until it was discontinued two years ago.

Some Costco lovers were so upset by the change that they started an online petition to get Costco to change its mind, according to EatThis NotThat.

The full-size version is still retired, but the chain has found a way to at least partially accommodate its customers’ wishes.

Shoppers can now find mini versions of the All American Chocolate Cake in the bakery.

“They’re made with the same three flavors of chocolate as the cake, even down to the chocolate shavings that were on the sides,” the website says.

“That means each cake weighs about 7 ounces, or more than half a pound!” said McDonald.

You can also grab dozens of cookies for less than $10, as long as you get the miniature version.

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According to the author, the mini chocolate chip cookies are a bargain, coming in packs of 60.

Often the selection is tied to the current season, so this spring you can buy mini carrot cakes again.