You’ve heard of a wristwatch, but have you ever heard of a wristwatch?

Designed to be the kind of gadget you’d find in James Bond’s arsenal (because his wristwatch was busy being a cellphone jammer or a machine gun or something), the Wilsdorf collection is a series of cuff with built-in miniature watches. The best part? The watches actually tell the time, thanks to a Seiko quartz mechanism that powers each one. The Wilsdorf is inspired by four styles of classic Rolex watches. You have the Cufftona, inspired by the Rolex Daytona (by Paul Newman), the Cuffmariner inspired by the Rolex Submariner, the Cuffany which pays homage to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Tiffany & Co., and finally the Cuffgauss which tips its hat at the Rolex Milgauss, a wristwatch designed to withstand strong magnetic induction.

Designer: Creamy Patina/Imran Haq

Click here to buy now: $88 $118 (25% discount). Hurry up, only 5/50 left!

The Wilsdorf collection is aimed specifically at three categories of people – A. Watch enthusiasts who really like to wear their love for watches on their sleeve (literally), B. People who would like to own a Rolex without breaking the bank, and C. Anyone who truly enjoys the unusual and fascinating art and wants to be the center of the conversation. That being said, the Wilsdorf collection literally has the potential to grab eyeballs and become a starting point for some interesting conversations. Considering their cufflink size, these accessories have an incredible amount of detail, with 304 stainless steel construction, a mineral glass cover and an authentic Japanese Seiko quartz movement inside powered by a replaceable battery.

The Wilsdorf collection starts at $88 and comes as a set of two cufflinks that can be worn on the right and left. You can either choose to tune each cufflink to the same time, or use them as dual time zone watches just for fun! The cufflinks come in a rather nifty cylindrical presentation case, although I’d highly recommend upgrading to the suede-lined jewelry case which makes a great keepsake and even greater gift for a partner, sibling or loved one. dad ! Wilsdorf Time Cufflinks will be shipped worldwide from November 2022.

Click here to buy now: $88 $118 (25% discount). Hurry up, only 5/50 left!