Funko announced its latest collection of board games on Tuesday, including one that travels back in time to the mid-90s. Disney A Goofy Movie Game is due out this spring, proving that even the most obscure House of Mouse fandoms deserve special attention.

A wacky movie game invites players to embark on an epic road trip to see Powerline in concert. Ages seven and up, the bright colors and oversized miniatures look just the right size for little hands. The budget game will cost you $23.99.

A wacky movie recently got a new lease on life with the launch of the Disney Plus streaming service. The film and its sequel An extremely hilarious filmare available next to Goof Troop cartoon series. Accompanied by vintage Rescue Rangers, Spinand retro duck tails it’s now possible to recreate the entire Disney Afternoon experience – which, if my own kids are any indication, is something modern kids really love. So why not also offer them a new board game?

Picture: Funko Games

The back of the Goofy Movie box includes images of the pawns.

Picture: Funko Games

How well does Funko cater to Disney demographics? Would you believe they have two different versions of a board game set inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, one for Disneyland and one for the Magic Kingdom? Also on Funko’s schedule this spring is Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railway Set and Disney’s Happiest Day Game – Magic Kingdom Park, both of which seem tailor-made for people longing for a return to normalcy and a sunny vacation. You can also run as Ichabod Crane in Disney game Return of the Headless Horsemanwhich includes some delicious thumbnails to boot.

Funko’s licensed board games are surprisingly high quality, truth be told. The case in point is their recent Fast & Furious: Highway Heist, which we reviewed last year. The secret sauce is the design chops from their in-house team of artists and designers, also known as Prospero Hall. It is the same group responsible for the next Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublaran ambitious new legacy-style board game coming later this year.

We’ve included a few more box shots in the gallery below.