After the success of the self-proclaimed Supercar Sunday and Superbike Sunday auctions, the British site Collecting Cars will offer a whole new range of Porsche Air-Cooled Sundays tomorrow. Although not quite so alliterative, the impressive selection of P cars ranging from very original to tastefully modified ranges, from early flat-four 356 examples to racing variants of the last few years before Porsche passed the 911 to water-cooled engines for the Generation 996.

Unlike the previous Leonard Collection range which made headlines in 2021 thanks to a small appearance by Chris Harris, and which were all sold from a single private assembly, the new Air-Cooled Sunday will feature featuring cars from around the world. In total, Collecting Cars plans to auction no less than 31 different rear-engined Porsches and a highly desirable 911 flat-six from May 29 to June 5, with cars largely based in the UK and Germany, as well only a few from Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy.

The magic of Porsche air-cooled engines

The incredible rise in values ​​of air-cooled Porsches throughout the second decade of the new millennium helped spawn the current collectibles craze, serving as bread and butter for online auction sites like Collecting Cars and Bring a Trailer, which founder Edward Lovett readily admits inspired him. to introduce a similar platform to the UK market. Now, Collecting Cars regularly lists a stream of impressive vehicles while expanding into markets like Germany, Italy and, over the past year, the United States.

The exact reasons why air-cooled Porsches have started to attract so much money range from the unique design to the excellent engineering and the lost feel of analog driving engagement, although the rush to market itself- even certainly bears some of the blame. Today, even once maligned models like the four-cylinder 912 and angular 914 can command offerings that might give even serious collectors pause. From the first “bathtub” Porsche 356s to legit 993-generation sports cars that pushed the limits of turbocharged and all-wheel-drive performance, there’s an air-cooled Porsche for anyone who can afford it.

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Customs come within the framework

The line of air-cooled P cars spans a full five decades of generational and incremental evolution, much like Collecting Cars’ Air-Cooled Sunday line. But where Porschephiles once enjoyed only the most original examples, custom visions like this are backdated to the 1989 Paul Stephens 320 Touring 964-gen. Now finished in Crayon on 16-inch Fifteen 52 Outlaw 001 wheels, build specs include a 320-hp 3.6-liter flat-six, the desirable G50 transaxle and lightweight replacements for the bumpers, mirrors and engine cover.

But the original cars also fit into the mix, including an early 1968 short-wheelbase 911 powered by the mill and 2.0-litre gearbox that would match the stock with just 93,005 kilometers ( 57,590 miles) on the odometer. Whether high-end customs or immaculate originality will make the most collectible car money next weekend remains a question only time can tell.

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Porsche motorsport heritage

Many of the cars that will open on Sunday May 29 represent either Porsche’s racing history or homages to the best eras of motorsport. The listings on Collecting Cars attempt to clarify exactly how much work goes into such builds, like this track-prepared 3.0 RS “Recreation” with a newly built 3.8-liter 964-generation engine, producing 340 horsepower. after leaving the factory as a 1972 911E. Mechanical highlights include a GT3 crank, GT3 oil pump, Carrillo connecting rods, Mahle forged pistons and barrels, Schrick 040 cam, upgraded valve springs, ARP bolts, Jenvey ITB throttle bodies and a Motec M48 ECU, while cosmetics run the gamut from period-focused livery to a caged and gutted interior.

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An “evocation” GT2 with all-wheel drive

Other builds lean more towards the “what if” imagination, such as this 1994 GT2 “Evocation” – given the significant financial investment required to produce such builds, terms like “Evocation” and “Recreation” certainly seem more accurate than “Replica”. Modified to resemble the 993 generation GT2 race car, this 911 originally left the factory as a Turbo, and therefore still retains all-wheel drive to help harness the 402 horsepower produced by a 3-speed flat-six. .6-liter twin-turbocharged.

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The Widowmaker Recreated

Another slate running across the block more closely approximates the drivetrain that has lent GT2 cars so well to the “widowmaker” moniker. Originally a base 993-generation Carrera, upgrades include a single K24 turbo bolted to a 3.6-liter engine and resulting in an absurd 530 horsepower, all sent to the rear wheels only via a 75% limited slip differential. The exterior certainly looks the part, too, finished in Polar Silver Metallic on Tramont Cup 2 RS alloy wheels, with Recaro buckets and door pull handles completing the interior of the race-inspired construction.

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Prized analog driving experience

A few early 356 and 911 examples dot the Air-Cooled Sunday lineup, though the majority of the listings (too numerous to fully cover here) date largely from the 1980s and 90s. Yet a longstanding refusal to give way to the comfort of modern creatures remains one of the main reasons why air-cooled Porsches attract such ardent (and wealthy) collectors today. Even though the industry had switched to water-cooled engines decades before, Porsche was only late in taking the lessons of the 928 and 924 models to improve the reliability, performance, polar moment of inertia and overall weight of the famous opposed-piston engines from Stuttgart, dropping them first in the 986-generation Boxster and then in the 996-generation 911 in the late 1990s. The 959 supercar, which beat the world, which mixed eras with water-cooled heads on an air-cooled block, helped pave the way as Porsche tried to homologate a rally car for the street.

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A legit race car, too

A legit competition car is another highlight of Sunday’s air-cooled lists: this 1994 Carrera Cup, which is said to be one of 30 true factory-built racers with a competition history ranging from being raced by the former driver from F1 Alex Caffi to victories in the Porsche -only Italian Championship “Targa Tricolore”. As desirable as air-cooled 911 variants are today, it presents an opportunity to step aboard the last of the wingless racing Porsches, since each subsequent variant has emphasized aerodynamics and downforce. (not to mention the improved performance of water cooling for their engines). ).

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And even a self-contained air-cooled motor

Of course, a collection of air-cooled Porsches offered at auction cannot be considered complete without an air-cooled engine being sold on its own, so Collecting Cars also purchased an actual engine and gearbox from a 1970 911E. Displacing 2.2 liters and featuring the second year of Porsche’s first fuel injection attempts, the engine includes both its five-speed transaxle and air filter housing, as well as exhaust components. and cold start injector. Dirty enough to serve as the basis for a restoration or the start of a restomod, the powertrain might even go on to motivate an air-cooled Porsche that may one day sell in another future Air-Cooled Sunday listing on Collecting Cars.

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