Leon Anderson, a staple of the British entertainment scene, has relaunched his London label Due Diligence.

Founded in 2017 as a fast fashion brand, Anderson shifted gears to create a contemporary offering because he felt the initial strategy didn’t fit his personality. He relaunched the label in February 2022 under Raw Group, the label’s co-owner.

The second drop for Spring 2022 was released on the brand’s website in late June and is a selection of graphic tees, denim jackets and jeans, Hawaiian shirts, printed pants and shorts, jackets and leather track shorts and a bucket hat. . Some pieces are produced in the UK, while the denim is made in Paraguay and the knitwear in Japan. Prices range from $248 to $1,637.

“I wanted to start small,” Anderson said of the raise. “You never want to run before you know how to walk. Our branding strategy is to drop smaller collections throughout the year and not go the conventional route.

Anderson said he plans to drop a new product every eight to 12 weeks. “The way fashion is programmed doesn’t work for my lifestyle,” he added. “I thought it would be easier for me and my peers to have a brand that would drop whenever they needed it.”

Due Diligence spring 2022 collection
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Anderson, an avowed anti-social socialite, has over 220,000 followers on his Instagram and is friends with many celebrities and influencers such as Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones, Jay-Z, Rihanna, LeBron James, Lewis Hamilton, Odell Beckham Jr., rappers A$AP Rocky and Gunna, and singer Rita Ora, to name a few. Some of their feedback on his initial fast mode strategy prompted him to switch to this current aesthetic.

“People were saying you were wearing luxury fashion, so it’s hard to believe you’ll be wearing a 25-pound t-shirt on a regular basis,” Anderson said. “COVID-19 has put an end to [on our plans]but once we decided to relaunch I decided to take it to the high end market because I like to shop, dress up and it made more sense to have a brand I could wear every day.

Chapter 1 of the collection consisted of a graphic tee, an oversized hoodie and a reversible plaid shirt, a knit sweater and cardigan, a shirt and sweater. leather pants, mid-wash jeans and varsity jacket that ranged in price from $254 to $1,712. Both drops are available on the brand’s website.

The second drop is heavily influenced by the lifestyles of Anderson and his friends. He said pieces like the perforated leather tops and shorts are for evenings in the Mediterranean when it’s windy at night after hot, vibrant days, the colors lend themselves to the Caribbean and the craftsmanship is inherently English. and Scottish.