In more exposed positions, these tall, dramatic flowers may need a little support.

Push a 75 cm long bamboo cane into the ground next to the flower stalk and loosely tie the stalk to the cane to keep the flowers tall.

Pool ideas

This weekend, why not create a small potted pond? Any container that can be modified to hold water will do. Cover any drainage hole with plastic (for example, a section of a plastic milk bottle) and use an exterior silicone sealant around the plastic to form a waterproof seal.

You will be amazed at how fast nature moves once a few pond plants are in place. It’s a great choice for kids, and the RSPB has a guide to help you out: visit and search for “Create a mini pond”.

Two projects to plan

Water well

Quite often, in June most of the plantings are done and dusted off, which means there is a lot at stake if the weather is dry. Make sure anything you’ve recently planted is watered well for about a month. Watering early in the morning or late at night is ideal for preventing excessive moisture loss through evaporation.

Don’t let all that hard work growing your plants go to waste by not continuing this rewarding relationship once the young plants are out into the “real world”.

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