The Estonian charity Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine) raises funds to buy winter clothes for Ukrainian military personnel.

The initial goal of the campaign, “1,000 heroes in the snow”, was to provide a thousand Ukrainian servicemen with warm winter clothes. However, the campaign raised the necessary €400,000 in one day, and due to great donor interest, the charity is doubling the amount of money – the new goal is to raise €800,000 and buy money. winter equipment to a total of 2,000 soldiers. .

The charity buys winter jackets, pants, fleece sweaters, warm underwear, neck warmers and snowsuits for Ukrainian military personnel.

“The Ukrainian military command is preparing to [the] winter and admits that the winter will also be difficult for the army. For many units, that means wintering in trenches and basements,” the campaign website says.

“While the Ukrainian army is now almost [three] times larger than it was in peacetime, soldiers often lack even the most basic equipment. A soldier who has to fight the cold in the trenches is no longer able to fight the enemy. Let’s help Ukrainian soldiers retain their ability to fight!

Ukrainian paratroopers of the Air Assault Forces. Photo by Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, shared under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

With the money donated, Slava Ukraini’s partners will organize the manufacture of uniforms in Ukraine, where it is cheaper. The finished uniforms are delivered by Slava Ukraini and its partners directly to the front line units.

Slava Ukraini is a citizens’ initiative, launched with the support of Estonian Rotary clubs on March 7, 2022. It focuses on medical supplies, first aid equipment, humanitarian aid, transport and stabilization equipment for the injured, medical equipment and tactical medical training in Ukraine.

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