AN APPLICATION has been submitted for the extension of a model railway workshop to a park in Furness.

The extra space in the Barrow Park building would be used as a meeting room and for “additional storage for the day-to-day operation” of the model railway.

The Furness Model Railway Club Borough Council submission would also see six solar panels installed on the roof to supplement the generator the club uses for electricity.

A cover letter submitted as part of the application states: “The development will complement the existing nature of the park, mimicking the appearance of the [Barrow Park] signal box in the colors of Furness Railway, in harmony with the Victorian aspect of the park.”

The letter says that the railway workshop has no electricity.

“We are also proposing to have a touch of modernity by installing a small battery of solar panels on the roof facing the lake, to power the lights and recharge the batteries of the locomotive on site and to supplement the existing generator set which is housed at back of the studio facing the lake. Park Drive,” he says.

A statement of significance submitted in support of the application indicates that the solar panels would cover an area of ​​4.2 m by 1 m and would be visible from the side of the building facing the lake.

The statement said the model railway dates from the late 1960s and the current workshop dates from 2011.

The building would be clad in shiplap boards – a type of wooden plank – on the elevations facing the lake, parking lot and skate park. It would have wooden doors and windows.

The Furness Model Railway Club will host its 59th Model Railway and Transport Exhibition later this year.

The event will take place at the Walney School in Sandy Gap Lane on October 8th and 9th.