It’s the year of our Lord 2022 and you no longer need a satellite dish to stream the best of Sky to your TV. Yes, we can hardly believe this amazing turn of events either, and that’s what makes the Sky Stream such a revelation.

A streaming box that works much the same as an Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick, Sky Stream plugs into your TV and delivers exactly what you expect from it. That’s to say Dragon House, Premier League football and everything you’d expect from one of Sky’s now vintage satellite boxes broadcast in the highest quality. It even uses the same interface as last year’s Sky Glass TVs, keeping all your favorite live TV shows, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other shows in one easily organized place.

After taking a trip to Sky HQ yesterday, we have an idea of ​​how Sky Stream works and how obvious it is. Spoiler alert: you’ll want one just in time for your winter hibernation in front of the TV.

No contract? no problem

As anyone who lives in an apartment block or just doesn’t want a big slab of metal hanging off the side of their house knows, so far the only way to get Sky content on your TV was to subscribe to Now TV or “borrow” a Sky Go connection from a friend. Either way, the streaming quality and overall experience wasn’t great, although it did the job when you absolutely had to watch Liverpool v Manchester City by any means possible.

What Sky Stream does is get rid of almost all that faff. It works just like a Sky Q subscription would with prices starting at £26 per month for the basic ‘Entertainment’ package and increasing as you add extras such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and Netflix into the mix. And instead of subjecting yourself to the hassle of hiring an engineer to install it, you get a hand-sized puck in the mail and plug it into your TV via its HDMI port. If you’ve already set up a PlayStation 5, Xbox, or other streaming box, it’s the exact same process and only takes a few minutes.

Better still, just like a subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or Apple TV+, it’s possible to work with Sky Stream on either a rolling 18-month or 31-day contract. The latter means you can waive the commitment as and when you want, which is quite important in the age of “cost of living”.

touch of glass

Although the Sky Stream is just a small box, it packs all the smarts of Sky’s recent Glass TV. Especially compared to the Sky Q box, it’s a much more intuitive and customizable experience to navigate with. All the major streaming services and several others you might be less bothered with (sincere apologies to Peacock and Paramount+) are supported here, and it also has the benefit of over 90% of the platform’s content. form available to watch in catch-up. Whether it be Game of the day, Andor or a classic episode of The Sopranosyou can just dive as long as your broadband connection is up to date.

What if you have multiple TVs that you want to tune with Sky? You can pay £12 a month for a ‘Whole Home’, which allows for up to five additional Sky Stream devices which are available from a cost of £20 per device depending on your contract. Of course, there’s also the way to pair a Sky Glass and Stream together if you owe a new TV. Although this TV was good value for money when it launched, especially as you pay for it on contract with prices starting at £13 a month, recent software upgrades have enabled higher contrast and pictorial details.

So it’s Sky Stream and we think it will be extremely popular with existing customers and absolute newbies alike. If you’re already sold on the upgrade, Stream is available to buy from today, but – for a deeper dive into the streaming puck – we’ll give it a try and report back in the not-too-future. distant.

Sky Stream is available from £26 per month, while Sky Glass costs from £13 per month. For more details visit