There’s no denying that televisions have evolved to offer services and technologies that add value to the entertainment experience. But in short, The TV is still that huge device that takes up space in your living room whether you use it or not.,

The advent of content platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+, and the online television services offered by the major telephone operators, have separated television from the antenna installation, causing it to lose points compared to the other mobile screens such as laptops or tablets. .

really, In 2019, 98.5% of Spanish households had at least one televisioncompared to 99.6% in 2005. Is television losing ground compared to other types of entertainment media?

As the size of television screens increases and the cost of land makes homes smaller and smaller, it has made me wonder if the television as we know it today is a durable device to middle term.

As I told you a few months ago, because of my work, I regularly change televisions – once or twice a month, to be more precise – so televisions and technologies of all kinds parade through my living room. do, but Recently, interesting spotlights have also passed through my hands.

The latest was the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K that I reviewed last week, and it convinced me so much that it made me reconsider if that’s the way a “semi-portable” projector was going. Future replacement of traditional television In increasingly small rooms where space must be optimised.

I have a reason to think that Projectors can replace TVs,

the solution is no longer a problemOne of the main advantages of TVs over projectors was resolution. The screen was 4K sharper than the projector, so the projector couldn’t compete with the excellent sharpness offered by the TV.

Development of DLP projection system ,digital light processing) with triple DMD chip facilitated the advent of 4K resolution projector Competing directly with televisions, at a more affordable price, without affecting color intensity and definition.

Don’t be fooled, size matters, Space constraint in living room furniture is one of the main determining factors when choosing a TV. This doesn’t happen with projectors because you don’t need a fixed space in your living room furniture to enjoy screen up to 150 inches,

Is a 60″ screen enough for you? no problem because one of Advantages of the projector The project is to be able to adapt to the size of the screen.

In my case, I was able to take advantage of it by testing the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K large format cinema On a 2.4m wide wall, or watch my Netflix series from the sofa in the space previously occupied by the 65-inch Sony Bravia XR X90K.

Laser: The solution to low projector light. Brightness is an essential element to obtain vibrant colors and therefore good HDR.

With LED bulb technology achieving high levels of brightness was complicated, but with the development of laser bulbs the results are amazing, reaching brightness levels that allow the material to be seen clearly even in a bright room and you forget about it. problem of changing the bulb, they last 25,000 hours!

Sure, that can be an inconvenience if you have a window, but it’s something that affects even the best OLED TVs on the market.

Content similar to television. Content is the undisputed king, and there’s little point in having the best picture and sound quality in the world, otherwise later you can watch your favorite series as it was on the best Panasonic TVs.

personally, I don’t care about the TV’s operating system As long as you can install apps from the main content platform – there are already more platforms than users, but that’s another topic -.

In this sense, the Nebula Cosmos that I just reviewed and the Samsung The Freestyle that I tried a few months ago have similarities in that they use the same operating system as the TVs ( one Google TV, the other Tizen) and therefore they can use the same apps as the TV. Spotlights!

Easy to Install: Plug and Play. A user who is about to buy their first projector may not yet be fully aware, but a few years ago Buying a projector meant hiring a professional to do the installation and setup at homeHeadaches… and puffiness.

arrival of portable projector And the automatic adjustment system has made this step very simple and now you just have to mount the projector against the wall and it takes care of the rest of the adjustments to make the screen square and the image nicely centered.

Everything you need. Another benefit of the latest projectors I’ve tried is that they’re envisioned as a complete entertainment system that you can take anywhere and have Complete audio and video experience By incorporating the speakers into the projector itself.

It’s true that these built-in speakers can’t compare to a surround sound system, but that’s about it. Speakers that mount on the TV are nothing out of the ordinarySo, all things being equal, I’ll stick with portability and I take the spotlight on vacationThis TV no longer fits in my bag.