A local and longtime Texas school administrator has been named to the board of directors of a national education organization.

Former Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Charles Dupre has been named to the Kickstart Kids National Board of Directors, the organization announced Wednesday. Kickstart Kids is a non-profit martial arts character development program organization established by Chuck Norris in 1990 that offers classes to middle school and high school students across the state.

Dupre has served as Director of Member Engagement and Support for the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) since last September, and served as a Texas school administrator for nearly 25 years between FBISD and Pflugerville ISD.

“Dr. Dupre’s experience, insight and dedication will be a huge addition to our National Board of Directors,” Kickstart Kids CEO Joan Neuhaus said in the statement.

According to the release, Dupre helped launch the Kickstart program in the FBISD while still the district’s chief financial officer in 1999. When he became superintendent of Pflugerville ISD in 2007, the organization said he immediately implemented the program in colleges in the district.

Dupre also made it a priority to offer the program on every FBISD campus after serving as superintendent there in 2013 until his retirement last year, according to Kickstart. The organization said its programs and curriculum provide students with an alternative to traditional sports options like soccer and basketball.

“There are a lot of kids who aren’t interested in these programs,” Dupre said. “What I’ve found is that Kickstart Kids fills the void for a lot of them. And once they get in, I know they’re going to be successful all their lives because of the character values ​​they learn through the program.

According to Dupre, karate skills such as discipline, character, etc. can help students develop confidence that extends beyond any classroom setting. Kickstart said more than 8,300 students were enrolled in 60 schools across the state last year and its program promotes “a sense of community, achievement, healthy lifestyles and the foundation of character.”

“Kickstart brings something to our schools that didn’t exist before,” Dupre said. “College is where you make or lose students for life. We need something to involve all students.

For more information about Kickstart Kids, visit the organization’s website at KickstartKids.org.