Looking to add style and function to your hobby desk? Frontier Wargaming has a brand new paint station perfect for your desktop.

Of all the paint stations I’ve tested, this is the first where you can actually change the type of paint the unit will hold on the fly. If you want the unit to hold dropper bottles, you can place trays in the racks. Want to put some Citadel paints on it? You can easily change the brackets to accommodate this. This is a feature I hadn’t seen before!

Completely modular and really cool!

You can purchase this station as a bundle or individually per component. The storage units and paint racks are highly stackable and even have grooves to help them line up on top of each other. Wall mounts can be attached to a wall or placed on your desk without fear of them toppling over. I found the paint racks and storage units in particular to be a bit heavy. I wouldn’t worry about knocking them over even more than the paint wall mounts.

The paint racks and storage shelves stack extremely well. The trouser rack on the right is intended for the wall but can be placed directly on a desk or other flat surface.

If desired, there are two options for mattress toppers on storage units. One is specially designed for laptops. This is the one I have here. The other is for monitor stands, but can easily be used to stack wall mounts or your pre-existing Paint Case 2.0 directly on top of your storage units.

This set is so elegant. You can combine it with previous Frontier Wargaming portable solutions or just use the desktop system entirely.

The three types of paint media you see in the image above can be changed on the fly. Want to adapt to Citadel paints, there is support for that. Vallejo or Paint tubes, there are supports for that. you want to change what the rack can hold after you buy it, you can do it and it’s so easy! I have never reviewed a paint booth product where you could do this before. This is an undeniable selling feature. You can see this in action in the video I shared earlier.

How to Setup Frontier Wargaming Paint Support

Here’s the setup I came up with using Frontier Wargaming’s Tabletop Paint Station products.

What a beautiful workstation!

I like it, but it’s a little wider than Frontier’s portable paint station that I reviewed last week. Because I shoot YouTube videos at my desk, I decided to put the portable station back on my main desk and use the new paint station in my larger studio. It looks pretty cool there. I still have to figure out where to put the wall brackets.

Want to save money?

If any of these paint stations interest you, I have a coupon code you can use to save $10 (USD) at the Frontier Wargaming Online Store. This is not an affiliate link. Instead, just a way for you to save money and improve your hobby area.

Wrap it all up…

I really enjoy checking out and reviewing different products for our hobby. This paint station is really nice. It has a classy feel and is the first with modular (and interchangeable) shelves I’ve ever reviewed. This is definitely a nice selling feature as paint collections can change over time.

If you are interested in this product, be sure to check out the Frontier Wargaming website. In addition to that, watch the video review. It is extremely complete. Finally, there is a longer version of this review on my personal site.

Until next time, good game to all!!!

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