working miniature televisions look so fun!

As smartphones get bigger and longer (just look at those rollable screens here), TVs seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Tiny Circuits, makers of miniature and open-source electronics and toyshas created the second version of its TinyTV, an upgrade of its previous DIY project with more screen resolution, rotary buttons, remote control support, USB-C and preloaded movies.

While the first version is aimed at patient makers – this is a DIY kit, just to note – the upgrades are loaded with videos and already assembled right out of the box, so users can immediately stream movies. Their palm-sized bodies fit the hands so well that users can take them anywhere and store them in their pockets without any hassle.

images courtesy of TinyCircuit

TinyCircuits still gives users the option to upload their own videos, in case the pre-loaded ones aren’t their cups of tea (they can also watch from these working miniature TVs while they drink cups of tea). The new Tiny TVs have a dedicated USB port, so users can simply plug them into their computer and load up their favorite videos.

They may need to convert the videos first, but the company has its users covered as the manual tells them how to do it. If the texts there are too long, they can always jump on the search engines to quickly launch the instructions. No worries if users forget their headphones. Working miniature TVs have speakers that blast the volumes of the movies they’re watching (just be aware of the type of movies being watched, okay?).

working miniature televisions
rotary knobs to adjust volumes and change channels

Are there any new features?

It’s time to talk about the new features of TinyTV from Tiny Circuits. As well as fitting in the palm of your hands, TinyTV 2 this time has a bright screen compared to its DIY counterpart. Two rotary knobs wait for the user to play with or control channels and volume selections.

There is also an infrared system inside the working miniature TV which receives the signal from the included remote control. The loudspeaker is located at the front. If users are worried about the size of movies they want to load onto the TV, the company hopes the built-in 8GB microSD can meet their needs for up to 10 hours of videos.

working miniature televisions
working miniature TVs are preloaded with movies

Unlike smart and flat-screen TVs these days, TinyTV 2 is encased in a sturdy plastic casing with a built-in rechargeable battery. Push him off the table, and it looks like he’ll still survive (fingers crossed). Some users might want an even smaller size than the TinyTV 2, and TinyCircuit is already one step ahead of them.

The company also introduced TinyTV Mini, which is so small it’s comparable to the size of a grape. This little TV packs a punch with its bright OLED screen that projects HD moving images. It has almost the same features as the Tiny TV2 apart from the display and the power, channel and volume buttons on the top of the case.