Beautiful and refined, this expertly executed home theater had to meet tight deadlines and the needs of a demanding customer.

Formed in 2011, Gibson integration is led by Colin Scrivener and Kevin Dawkins, owners and directors of the company, with a combined industry knowledge of 50 years. An existing client recommended the company to the owner of the latter project, as did the client’s interior designer with whom Gibson has previously worked on a number of projects.

Colin explains, “With two firm recommendations in our favor, the client wanted to outsource the design and implementation of the AV and systems integration component of their project to Gibson Integration. Our client is a practical person who speaks very candidly, which is reflected a lot in his brief for the theater.

“It had to be a usable, easy-to-use room that could seat 10 people comfortably and had to be impressive and sound good. We weren’t tied to a particular budget for the cinema, but having worked closely with the client on the design of the control systems across the rest of the property, we knew exactly where to pitch the specs.

Colin continues, “Once the specifications were approved, we were able to produce a full suite of design drawings, including the construction of the screen walls, the layout of the panel walls, the multi-level floor design, the positioning of the heights. – speakers and wiring diagrams, as well as information on the essential installation of room acoustic treatments. We also worked closely with the interior design team to discuss lighting, flooring, acoustic fabrics for the wall panels and suede colors for the seats.

The project

Gibson Integration had specified a Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 configuration for home theater and opted for a Paradigm speaker set with base reinforcement by Klipsch. Three Paradigm Elite E5 speakers along with two Klipsch Pro-1000 subwoofers were installed in the screen wall behind the acoustically transparent Screen Research projection screen.

Also included in the home theater, four Paradigm Elite E80-IW speakers provided the surround and rear channels, while four Elite E80-R speakers provided the height channels. For amplification, the team selected an Anthem MRX 1140 AVR to drive the side, rear and height channels, and to provide a bit more “Oomph,” an Anthem MCA 325 was used to effortlessly drive the channels. left, central and right. Both Klipsch subwoofers were powered by a single Klipsch KLI-KDA-1000 DSP subwoofer amplifier.

The imagery for every home theater must of course be correct, explains Colin: “Having been impressed with the Wolf Cinema projectors on a number of our recent cinema installations, we held a demonstration at our head office for our client. Once the demo was over and the customer was impressed, we opted for a Wolf Cinema TXF-1100 UHD / 4K DLP laser projector. We mounted the projector to the ceiling at the rear of the theater and proceeded to make the appropriate adjustments to calibrate the projector to produce a stunning image on the 120-inch wide 1: 78: 1 (16 / 9) with motorized top and bottom masking.

“After using Crestron to control all systems on the rest of the property, including a Crestron lighting control system responsible for controlling some 221 lighting circuits and an extensive Crestron NVX 4K distribution, we naturally continued with the theme and programmed a Crestron TSR310 to control all components in the cinema, as well as lighting and air conditioning.

The cinema also gets protection and power management from Furman and sources include 64GB Apple TV and a Sony UBP-X800M2 4K Blu-ray player.

So, any particular issues or challenges with cinema? Colin reveals, “To be fair, the piece itself did not present any major design challenges as it was a large size piece with a lot of head height so factors like layout , headroom, legroom and throw distance, etc. real problems. The challenge, however, presented itself by way of the deadline. The deadline for completion was very ambitious and in no case should the deadline be exceeded!

“With supply issues turning out to be a real threat to the lead time due to Brexit, Covid and the semiconductor shortage, the client asked us to order everything needed for the project in one go and the as soon as possible. We had little choice but to stock all the equipment at our head office in order to call on the various components as and when needed. By constantly pursuing orders and organizing deliveries (sometimes outside of business hours), my role in the later stages of the project was more like that of logistics manager than project manager, but the strategy worked and luckily we met the deadline with a number of days to spare! “

Deadline respected; the team always wanted to make sure the customer knew they were going to go the extra mile for their home theater, including the transfer. Colin says: “When handing over our completed cinemas, we present our customers with a complementary basket containing various goodies such as popcorn, savory appetizers, a few bottles of champagne and a selection of classic DVD titles. Due to the fact that our client is heavily involved in the auto racing industry, we thought it would be a good idea to include a number of racing themed films. The gesture certainly met his approval and was very well received.

When asked what his favorite part of the project was, Colin replied, “I think the scale of the room is my favorite part. In many movie theater designs, especially in central London, space is everything and we most often work down to the millimeter to make sure everything fits perfectly and every sitting position has an unobstructed view of the screen. However, in this case, because we advised the interior dimensions of the room before it was built, we were presented with a dimensionally perfect space!

“If you asked me what is the customer’s favorite part in the cinema, this is definitely the centerpiece in the front row. He told us before construction that the center seat in the first row would be “daddy’s seat”. He also said that the quality of the sound and the picture when the cinema is in full swing is “first class”.

Home cinema

List of essential kits

Wolf Cinema TXF-1100 UHD / 4K laser projector

ETC-120-1.78-UWB Screen Search

Anthem MRX 1140 AVR

Anthem MCA 325 Power Amplifier

Paradigm Elite E5 (left, center and right channels)

Paradigm Elite E80-IW (surround left and right channels and rear channels)

Paradigm Elite E80-R (Heights)

Klipsch Pro-Subwoofer x 2

Klipsch KLI-KDA-1000 DSP sub-amplifier

Apple TV 64 GB

Sony UBP-X800M2 4K Blu-ray Player

Furman AC-210 Compact Power Conditioner (Projector)

Furman PL-PRO DMC Power Conditioner (Local Theater Equipment)

Crestron TSR-310 Touchscreen Remote Control

Crestron lighting control

Custom seats Ineva Cosmo x 10

Home cinema