Attentive Horus Heresy players may have spotted the Horus Ascendant datasheet early. But now, we discover his new model!

There are few characters in Warhammer 40,000 lore who have had such an impact as Horus. He has a whole heresy named after him! So it’s only fitting that Games Workshop chose to create another resin miniature of him in all his chaos glory.

via the Warhammer community

“Rendered in highly detailed resin, this model is the first in a new series of Forge World characters, representing each of the Primarchs at the height of heresy – whether fully in the thrall of Chaos or they rally to defend the Imperium in its darkest hour – giving us a fresh look at the driving characters of this epic saga as they lead their legions into the greatest battles.

This new Warmaster Horus Ascendant model certainly updates the buzz a bit. It looks much bulkier and almost wilder. The wolf skin he wears looks more ragged, and Luna Wolf’s old nods are also all gone. He has been boosted by the powers of Chaos and this is his “final form” as he besieges Terra and ultimately confronts the Emperor.

By the way, GW also teased during the NOVA Open preview that Horus might not be the only Primarch to get a model redone in the future either…

It will be nice to see what other Primarchs might get a new “chaos-enhanced” Horus Heresy model!

What do you think of the new Horus Ascendant model?


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