Sarvesh Awasthi, the Headmaster of Babupur Primary School, Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh has started constructing shelters for a variety of birds within the school premises to provide pupils with lessons in bird conservation. the environment at first hand. Awasthi made this decision in light of birds losing their space due to rapid urbanization. For this reason, many endangered birds of India such as sparrows have appeared in school alongside cuckoos, parrots, etc.

Principal Awasthi creates houses for birds

“Whatever experiences we have with birds from childhood, they gradually fade away.” Awasthi pointed out, as told to PTI and reported by DNA India. He claimed that when the school reopened after the lockdown he saw pigeons in the classrooms which had made nests on the ceiling fans. So, he decided to have the wires cut to ensure their safety.

This incident made him think about how to create a safe haven for birds where children can also learn to coexist. At first, Awasthi built a makeshift house, a “gharonda” on a banyan tree inside the school. Then the soil for feeding the birds was bought by him.

“Birds play a vital role in the environment. They are nature’s messengers, and our moral responsibility is to save them,” said Anil Tiwari, associate professor of botany at Ewing Christian College, Prayagraj.

Impact on school

Currently, 40 sparrows, 25 parrots, a dozen crows and a few cuckoos have started living in the school, which is now filled with birdsong. Awasthi joined the school in 2016; he had taken on the responsibility of beautifying the school campus.

Ramprasad, a local, praised the school for its uniqueness as it is rare to find a public school where other such activities are also organized outside of teaching. He also mentioned that following this example, the village of Fatehpur has also started installing nests for the birds.

Sanjay Kushwaha, Head of Basic Education, Fatehpur, remarked that setting up a birdhouse inside the school to raise environmental awareness and awareness among children is commendable and is a unique approach to learning about environmental conservation.

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