KINGSTON, NY – The school district is continuing its review of Kingston High School principal Vincent DeCicco’s use of a homophobic term in a Facebook post, school officials said during a a board meeting on Wednesday evening.

DeCicco remains on paid leave, District Superintendent Paul Padalino said Wednesday. Paladino did not say what circumstances prolonged the process, which he said was due to end on Tuesday.

“I don’t have an end date set at this time,” he said. “We are still working through the decision-making process as well as in our legal processes.”

DeCicco was placed in paid administration last week after word spread that he answered a Facebook meme question with the term “f***gepackers.” The pejorative term was posted by DeCicco on a Facebook page that read, “That football team you’ll never support, even if you get their jersey for free. He said it was in reference to the Green Bay Packers as a Chicago Bears fan.

The term he used is a vulgar euphemism for homosexuals who engage in anal sex.

School board chairman Stephen Spicer said the issue would not be on the meeting’s agenda, but acknowledged it had caught the attention of district residents.

“We understand that people have very strong opinions and concerns about how we should handle (the) widely publicized comment on social media,” he said.

“I want to assure everyone that we are working through the process thoroughly and thoughtfully, and that we are treating the situation with the level of seriousness it deserves,” Spicer said. “We appreciate your patience as we continue to take the necessary steps to properly resolve this issue.”

District officials had learned of the post through an email containing a screenshot of the post. The administrative review had already begun when school board members met in executive session earlier this week

DeCicco apologized last week, saying he didn’t mean to be offensive.

“I apologize if my off-the-cuff message about a football team was offensive,” DeCicco said. “I have family members and friends who are part of the LBGTQ community and I have always respected and supported the LBGTQ community.”

However, grassroots group Kingston Coalition for Equity Education countered that DeCicco had “a lot of self-examination to do” to understand why his statement was seen as a “no apology” by some in the community.

DeCicco, who was promoted to manager in 2019 at $140,000 a year, has worked in the district for 16 years. He was vice principal of Kingston High School for three years and acting principal of Myer Elementary School for one year.