LEWISBURG — Cathy S. Moser, who most recently served as acting superintendent for the Lewisburg Area School District, was officially approved to take on the role at Thursday night’s board meeting.

Moser’s term as superintendent begins Friday through June 30, 2026, with the understanding that the parties will negotiate and adopt an agreement at a subsequent meeting.

Moser had been contracted as an assistant superintendent with a base salary of $135,750. When she took an acting superintendent position, it was with a $115-a-day stipend, said district business manager John Fairchild.

Moser’s salary as superintendent has yet to be determined, Fairchild said.

After being unanimously approved by the school‘s board of trustees, Moser thanked them for their trust in her.

“I am so happy to be able to continue the good work with exceptional support staff and to meet the needs of our students,” she said. “I’m also happy to work with a great administrative team.”

Moser said that over the past few days, she’s had the chance to walk through all of the school’s hallways and classrooms, and noted that some painting may be needed as well as some tile replacement.

At future meetings, Moser said she would present long-term plans.

Earlier in the meeting, Robert Kallin, Chairman of the Board of the Green Dragon Foundation, made his annual presentation to the Board.

Kallin noted that since the foundation was established in 2008, with the goal of improving the student experience, the foundation has raised more than $2 million for the programs.

Last year, he reported, the foundation raised $599,000 for the district.