MEDINA, Ohio — The Medina City School District will begin the 2022-23 school year with new people in administrative positions.

Six positions have been filled to date, including several key positions:

· Brittany Hartory will be Associate Principal at Medina High School this year. She comes to Medina from schools in the city of Twinsburg, with degrees from Bowling Green State University and Ashland University.

· Glen Stacho will be the Principal of Heritage Elementary School. He has 31 years of elementary education and administration experience with Strongsville City Schools.

· Matt Mattie has been appointed Principal of Ralph Waite Elementary School. He began his career with Medina in 2006 as a language arts teacher at Claggett Middle School. Since then, he has served as associate principal at Claggett Middle School and most recently as assistant director of instruction for the district.

Kim Hallock, currently a principal on assignment for the district, will serve as acting principal at Claggett Middle School for the 2022-23 school year as the district continues to search for the best possible candidate to fill the position. Hallock was previously principal of Northrop Elementary School and a teacher at Ella Canavan Elementary School.

· Heather Mix will be the new supervisor of Helping Hands Preschool, located in Northrop. She is trained as a preschool special education teacher.

· Craig Komar will replace Ryan O’Cull as Chief Technology Officer for the district. He has worked in the neighborhood since 1998.

The district said in a recent press release that it is still pursuing the interview process to fill the two remaining administrative positions. These include the associate principal of Claggett Middle School and the principal of Fenn Elementary School.

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