AC Milan landed their first Scudetto in eleven years last season and cemented their place at the top of Italian football after many difficult years. And their success has been somewhat reflected in television revenues.

It’s well known that few leagues can match the Premier League’s TV rights revenue, and that was indeed the case last season. According to Calcio e Finanza, Milan collected just under €78m from TV rights.

Meanwhile, Man City (who won the Premier League) have raised €187m which says a lot about the huge difference. Milan haven’t even collected the most in Serie A, but that was to be expected given the past few years.

Earnings are calculated based on several factors, as highlighted in the report, such as finishing position, historical results and the last five seasons. Juventus managed to beat the Rossoneri by €100,000, also collecting just under €78m.

Inter finished in first place with 84 million euros collected. It’s also worth noting that there’s a pretty big drop from the top three teams to fourth, which was Napoli (€68m).