After the 2011 RWB Pandora One, the French miniature manufacturer Solido offers a second Porsche 911 type 964 in 1:18 scale prepared by Akira Nakai-San of RAUH-Welt Begriff. The second model released in 2022 is the RWB Hibiki, the first model manufactured on British soil in 2016 by RWB UK. Introducing this orange model…

2016’s RWB Hibiki – RWB UK’s debut project
The RWB Hibiki is the first achievement of RWB UK, born from an idea to design one of the best RWB models of the moment and the first in the UK. After having looked for the ideal base, a healthy Porsche 911 type 964 (without accident), clean, without sunroof, with manual gearbox. The rare pearl was found abroad, in concours condition.

Once the car was purchased, the second step was to determine what type of body kit would suit them by comparing the different models existing at the time. At the time the United Kingdom did not have an RWB reseller, this will be done via this first English project.

Once the choice was made, the order was placed directly in Japan at Nakai San and the money sent: roll bar, rear spoiler, side skirts, complete Royal wide fender extensions (a first in Europe in 2016).

All kits being hand made to order, the complete body kit was received a few months later ready to be prepared for fitting by Nakai San who decided on a specific date to be met, the latter moving in person for final assembly.

Before the final touches, the car must be completely ready to drive and prepared with everything that needs to be fitted, including the painting of all painted parts.

The painting of the bodywork was entrusted to Lemass Automotive, which carried out a complete stripping before a new paint in the orange shade. The rain drain seals running down either side of the roof to the rear quarter have been removed and smoothed out, to give a clean look

For color, Akira Nakai asks owners to select three color choices. From them, the Japanese master decides on the final color. For this project, the color orange was chosen. The interior of the vehicle was also painted in the same color, especially the roof.

The engine was removed for preparation and repainted to give it a nice look.

Once the vehicle was painted, the new KW suspension incorporating an HLS lift kit allowing the vehicle to be lifted at the push of a button was installed and tuned.

JL audio supplied the entire audio system which is simply controlled by a small round interface on the dashboard and connects via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. The rear seats were removed to make room for the subwoofers while door speakers were also inserted. JL Audio then came to adjust the system to deliver very high quality sound.

A few modifications have been made to the cabin in order to purify it, such as the removal of the central console and the mechanical handbrake (replaced by an electric version controlled via a button mounted on the dashboard).

Two large bucket seats have been installed and personalized with a reminder of the orange color via stitching and logos.

On the date indicated, Nakai San came specially from Japan to install the kit. Barely got off the plane and despite the jet lag, he got to work.

After installing the various elements of his kit (see video above), he also signed the car in various places: under the hood, the engine and between the rear seats. The car was later named Hibiki and driven by Nakai-San for a test drive.

A new miniature version of an RWB model
What about this new RWB model offered by Solido? Many things like one word: superb! This second miniature of a Porsche 911 customized by RAUH-Welt Begriff at 1:18 is a great success combining originality, quality and low price.

After the pandora one (already presented previously), Solido markets in limited edition (not numbered) the RWB Hibiki which has a rather crazy configuration, both inside and outside.

This metal miniature with opening doors gives a glimpse of the interior which has not been neglected by Solido: a colorful atmosphere between the black of the storm doors and the various elements of the dashboard, the floor, the upholstery of the seats bucket seats, the roll bar, the flat steering wheel and the orange of the exterior color present on the shell of the seats, the central tunnel, the bottom of the counters, the bottom of the dashboard, the stitching of the seats.

The inset speakers in the rear seat locations were also well reproduced despite being a non-high-end miniature like sister brand GT Spirit.

The exterior is just as stunning with a beautiful reproduction of the elements of the RWB kit with the black seals of the wing extensions, the black hardware, the various aerodynamic elements added to the model and not molded in the mass.

The eye-catching fin is also well done with attention to detail such as the Union Jack in orange on each side or the Profusion Customs logo under the fin.

The finesse of the headlights and lights is again present as on the RWB Pandora One, bringing great realism to the reduced model. The various inscriptions present on the windshield, the rear window and the right rear side window are very fine and of high quality. The search for detail goes as far as the license plates which have not been neglected. It is sometimes necessary to bring a magnifying glass to clearly distinguish the small inscriptions.

Another element is obvious: the wheels with black and chrome rims with high offset, especially at the rear. The realism is quite striking, with visibility on the drilled brake discs and their calipers.

Flipping the car over, the bottom of the engine and exhausts are visible, allowing passers-by to admire the design of the semi-slick rubber tires.

There is only one thing left for Solido: to continue to offer faithful reproductions of the other RWB models. Good news, a 3rd model was recently unveiled reproducing a version of RWB France.

The little detail
On each miniature presented, a particular detail caught our attention. The 2016 RWB Hibiki pays tribute to its country of production, the United Kingdom. The flag is thus present on either side of the spoiler, represented by the orange color of the bodywork on a black background.

Availability and prices
Sold in spring 2022 at specialized retailers under the reference S1807501, the 1/18th scale Solido miniature of the RWB Hibiki is offered in a limited edition at the recommended price of 44.95 euros.

Photos: – Video: Profusion Customs