Monica Rich Kosann got her start as a portrait photographer and collector of vintage jewelry, so it wasn’t hard for her to transition into creating lockets in which precious photos could be kept – close to the wearers’ hearts.

Since the brand’s launch, Kosann has focused exclusively on women, selling its medallions, charms and bracelets directly to the consumer through its website and two New York stores as well as the more than 150 specialty retailers that carry its line. Today, Kosann launches into the men.

“We noticed that a lot of women were buying our men’s charms and medallions and men were buying for themselves,” she said. “Why can’t a man wear a medallion? It’s the sexiest jewel, it holds your secrets, your inspirations.

Lockets can contain photos of other keepsakes.

She worked on the collection for about a year and will launch it with 12 styles of lockets and pendant necklaces. Pendants are engraved with uplifting themes such as Never Fear; Adventure and Dream, and can be used to enclose photos of loved ones, inspirational phrases, or other personal keepsakes. A locker bar app on the website allows customers to add two images or phrases to a locket so it can be personalized.

There are three gold medallions, three silver medallions, three silver charms and three gold charms in the initial collection. Prices range from $445 to $1,350 for silver and $2,400 to $8,000 for gold.

Initially, the men’s pieces will be sold online only and will be added to the company’s stores at Columbus Circle and Hudson Yards in Manhattan in the fall. Also in the future, Kosann will consider offering the line to its wholesale customers. For now, and as Father’s Day approaches, Kosann will use what is now his usual advertising space in the upper right corner of page three of The New York Times, where Tiffany had advertised for 50 years. , to publicize the new collection.

Monica Rich Kosann's first men's collection.

The pieces feature inspirational quotes and empowering images.

Although Kosann said she has no idea how big the men’s line could be, she’s confident it will leave its mark. “My jewelry is all about empowerment and making people feel strong,” she said. “But men are sentimental and also have emotions and feelings.”