EXCLUSIVE: Moonbug Entertainment has teamed up with children’s social network Zigazoo to launch a collection of NFTs for the children’s educational program Blippi.

The NFTs, available from July 21, will serve as unique collectibles and offer buyers the opportunity to be founding members of the Blippi Fan Pass, which will provide access to exclusive Blippi perks, behind-the-scenes videos and images. for a year through the Zigazoo platform.

Zigazoo and Moonbug have already teamed up on NFT collections for children, including an integrated application CoComelon drop that sold out in 48 hours. Zigazoo’s NFT Fan Pass is billed as “pioneering a new era of fan-branded culture, once dominated by mail-outs, fan sites, and call/text subscriptions.”

For social platform Zigazoo, the deal comes shortly after raising $17 million in Series A funding. The company describes its mission as providing “the next generation of digital citizens with the opportunity to learn safely to use social media in a positive and constructive way while introducing them to Web3 technology in a secure environment”.

Moonbug, based in London and Los Angeles, launched in 2018 and quickly made a name for itself after its Little baby tramp the series became a YouTube sensation before CoComelon and Blippi followed. BlippiEducation-focused digital content has garnered over 1 billion monthly views. “With this drop, we’re unlocking a whole new way for kids to interact with their favorite characters and putting a Web3 spin on the popular mail-in fan clubs I loved as a kid in the 1990s,” Zak said. Ringelstein, Founder and CEO of Zigazoo.

“Building on the success of the CoComelon NFT release, we are very excited to partner with Zigazoo again to release our second collection of NFTs featuring our beloved character, Blippi,” said Simon Philips, MD Global. Consumer Products for Moonbug. “This drop comes with exclusive content and benefits that will allow kids to interact with our brand on and off screen, learn new skills, and most importantly, have fun while learning through play.”

NFT packs will be available for purchase exclusively through the Zigazoo app.

Zigazoo’s NFT collections are created by combining Zigazoo’s kidSAFE COPPA certified community with a digital marketplace built using an eco-friendly Flow blockchain. Previous drops have come through partnerships with the likes of the internet’s premier animation studio Invisible Universe.