Following Hurricane Fiona, the New Era Young Lords plan to fly to Puerto Rico with assistance in early October.

CLEVELAND — Video from a helicopter shows the destruction in Puerto Rico right after Hurricane Fiona. Large swaths of flooded properties and roads.

The island is without electricity, but what the video cannot reflect is the heat and humidity.

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“Puerto Rico goes up to 106 degrees every day so you look at no power at night you also look at the humidity and when we have no power and no fans running there is accumulated humidity that causes diseases,” said Rosa Morales Dias.

Morales Diaz describes conditions in Puerto Rico right now as she and many others hear about their family and want to help.

“Our goal is to provide electricity to communities by bringing generators to Puerto Rico and supporting businesses in Puerto Rico and also purchasing items there,” Morales Diaz said.

For her and the New Era Young Lords organization, they see the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona as an American problem. So they’d like to see other Clevelanders step in and help collect necessities, especially generators for communities further out in San Juan who are struggling to keep even their phones charged.

“We went through this five years in a row, not just with hurricanes, but with earthquakes right after that, and then we had COVID right after that, so Puerto Rico didn’t have a break,” Morales said. Diaz.

Their giving campaign begins Friday from noon to three at Lincoln-West High School and really kicks off next week.

You can learn more about the organization and its mission as well as make a donation at this link.