Continuing its prolific run in 2022, which recently featured a Divided layers installation with Kohler and eroded helmet sculpture for Lewis Hamilton, American artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham is now officially launching his new Objects IV Life clothing line aimed at providing “uniforms for creative living”. For its debut Chapter 001 collection, Arsham leads the way with a full series of basics, outerwear, footwear and accessories clad in unsold and durable materials, custom metal alloy trims and special patinas.

“Objects IV Life includes basic pieces meant to build a uniform wardrobe for a creative lifestyle. Designed between New York and London, all garments are made in Portugal and Los Angeles with custom material sourced from Italy,” Arsham wrote in a post. “While developing this first chapter, I started to understand this garment in the same way that I think of sculpture. It’s a bit like alchemy.

Piece-defining elements include new metal-alloy dungaree clip closures, item logos alluding to Arsham’s Crystal Corrosion art pieces, and iconic ‘thought bubble’ designs. A range of moleskin hoodies, hyper-functional shirt jackets, vintage-inspired denim straight bottoms with integrated hardware, plain thermal undershirts and work blazers that double as a workshop coat. artisan elevated for the 21st century are available in monochromatic and muted colors. .

Other highlights include French four-pocket work jackets and wide-leg jeans in patina green and blue made from unsold cotton woven in Japan. Rounding out the assortment are cotton canvas tote bags, die-cut logo keychains developed to patinate over time, and work boots with linen canvas uppers, etched raw metal toe caps, and soles. natural rubber.

Objects IV Life Chapter 001 is now available on the brand’s website.

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