MIAMI – The Queen’s Jubilee Parade on Thursday was a once in a lifetime spectacle.

It’s so reminiscent of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, in fact, the same exact military units, the same pomp, and the same circumstances on display.

Ken Kurtz collected the miniature toy soldiers, cannons, and cars that represented the original Coronation Parade.

Standing in her living room next to three rows of well-lit bookshelves, Kurtz says: “In fact all the same troops you saw are here at the recent parade, what you are looking at is a faithful reproduction of the Queen’s coronation Elizabeth in 1953.”

Kurtz said he started the collection when he was 13 in 1953. Finally, at the age of 81, he said it was “complete”.

And why the fascination that Americans seem to have for the British monarchy? So much so that in 1953, before satellites and the internet, the CBS network film of the coronation was sent to the United States, finally arriving in Boston aboard a World War II P-51 fighter plane.

Kurtz said: “There is pomp, circumstance and tradition that comes with the soldiers, the churches, the castle, the whole aura of the royal family.”

Like many Americans, Kurtz saw the movie on TV and was hooked. His parents appreciated his interest.

For 25 dollars, a lot of money in 1953, they bought him an original miniature reproduction of the Coronation Carriage.

“When you’re a kid and you find it under the Christmas tree, it’s really wonderful,” Kurtz said.

Looking at his extensive collection, Kurtz sums it all up: “It’s just a lot of fun. I walk in every once in a while. I walk into this room on my way to bed, lit up with a smile because I have my parade .”

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