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The art project beautify the streets of the city invites you again this year to rediscover Zagreb through art

Zagreb, August 16, 2022 – The Okolo // Around artistic project in collaboration with the Zagreb City Tourist Board this year features exciting new site-specific installations and street art interventions in public space that will adorn city streets and refresh daily urban life. Artistic surprises await you at every step, waiting to be discovered Between August 20 and 30 on a unique art walk through the city.

Encountering art in hidden alleys, forgotten passages, the treetops of Zagreb’s parks and the hiding places of the Old Town, Okolo // Around invites you for the fifth time, and the list of artists leaving their mark around Zagreb is this year led by visual artist Lonaca well-known name on the local and international street art scene, thanks in particular to photo-realistic murals considered among the best in the world.

One of them is to appear in Zagreb and it will represent, in continuity with his previous work from Denmark, a portrait of a person in pastel colors, visually accentuating a chiaroscuro contrast.

Relevant questions of our daily life, criticizing consumerism, the overabundance of clichés and modern fetishes, will be described by the artist Nikolina Ivezicwhose original, recognizable and committed works have for many years been considered the pinnacle of contemporary Croatian art.

She is best known for her paintings/objects which combine elements of painting, sculpture, illustration and comics. To Okolo // Around she makes, in her own idiosyncratic way, an ironic commentary on the world of luxury.

Up to two artists will play with different media and present new interactive pieces. Sculptor and multimedia artist acting at the intersection between technology, science and art, Vitar Drinkovicis preparing a virtual exhibition on this occasion, exploring the perception of art in the public space through a relationship between the real and the virtual.

Artist combining classical art techniques and contemporary technology, Ana Sladeticuses AR technology to give passersby a chance to experience another dimension of the watercolors and the lives of the characters in the painting, and with 3D printed miniatures placed in the cracks around the city, it creates a real colorful little village .

Rediscover Zagreb through art

(Photo: Okolo // Around)

Other artistic surprises around the city will be the work of sculptor Mia Orsag and talented emerging artists Matej Vuković and Ana Maria Maravić, as well as artists active in the field of design, scenography and art installations Stella Leboš, Iva Rodic Novak and Jelena Malenica.

Mia Orsag presents a collective-intimate conceptual work inviting an observer to reflect on daily needs, the increasingly fast pace of life, the trends changing in the blink of an eye conditioned by consumerist systems, as well as personal needs and perception present of its own future.

Matej VukovicThe latest work focuses on the relationship environment/objects and organic forms adapting under their influence, featuring a park bench. Ana Maria MaravicThe work of focuses on colorful snakes and draws attention to their true symbolism of transformation and creating new life. Designers and scenographers Stella Lebos and Iva Rodic Novak with their multidimensional reflection of the world, they attempt to create new viewpoints, highlighting many perspectives and focusing on reality, inviting visitors to play and explore.

And finally, jewelry and decoration designer Jelena Malenicawho in his artistic explorations pays equal attention to aesthetics and awareness of the relationship between man, nature and the city, displaces jellyfish from their natural habitat and assigns them to decorate urban elements.

By placing works of art in the urban environment, Okolo // Around invigorates public spaces and transforms them into places where art spontaneously touches daily urban life. It highlights local artists, their personal experience and their vision of the city, while bringing contemporary art closer to a wider audience.

Rediscover Zagreb through art

(Photo: Okolo // Around)

Okolo // Around was launched in 2018 by Nas dve (Ana Mikin, Tina Kovačićek) in collaboration with the Office of Tourism of the city of Zagreb. The red carpet of the Old Town, the blue clouds and the singing forest of Bela IV Park, the golden hands of Obrtnički prolaz, the heart of wool that has become a symbol of Zagreb’s recovery from the earthquake , the silk sculpture in Tomić Street, the large floor mural in the playground above Dubravkin put, the light installation in the treetops of Ribnjak Park, the farmer on the stairs in the farmers market of Dolac, the sleeping giant in Petrinjska street, the friendly street miniatures interacting with urban elements and plants that play music when touched – these are just some of the interesting interventions with which Okolo // Around enriched the streets of Zagreb and delighted its citizens and tourists.

Take a walk through the artistic side of Zagreb!

Follow the interventions on their Facebook and instagram and locate them around the city by the red round mark.

This event is made possible thanks to the support of the City of Zagreb Tourist Board, City of Zagreb and Ministry of Culture.