As the winds of defection continue to hit the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Amb Desmond Akawor last Tuesday received two sets of decamps from the APC at the PDP.
While an Okrika local government group led by party chairman in the area, Hon. Fred Obah had returnees from Wards 2 and 5, including former Okrika LGA chairman, Hon. Godwin Tamuno and the former head of primary health care in the state. , Dr. Claribel Abam; the other group led by PHALGA Constituency 2 representative member, Tonye Adoki, was made up of Wards and LGA leaders from the Constituency.
Receiving the groups at the State Party Secretariat in Port Harcourt, Akawor commended them for making the wise decision to return to their home base, saying that coming at a time of transition where they would contribute to the settlement of a new government was not only appropriate but timely.
The president of the PDP, who told the returnees that there were no new members in the party, assured that henceforth they would be considered as bona fide members of the PDP.
“The decision you have made is the right one because in 2023 no one who is not PDP will enter Brick House, and I believe that you have returned to join us in bringing the new government into Brick House so that you will not not be called a new person,” Akawor added.
He felt that the reason for joining the policy which is to change their environment was not achieved in the APC, hence their decision to return to where the needs of the messes were met.
The PDP chairman said an official reception would be held for them and urged the party leadership in Okrika to set a date for the ceremony.
Earlier, the member representing Port Harcourt Constituency 2 in the state House of Assembly, Hon. Smart Adoki, said the returnees, who numbered in the hundreds, had the ability to work for the success of the party In the region.
In his response, former Okrika Local Government Chairman Hon. Godwin Tamuno said he and other returnees had come to work for the victory of PDP gubernatorial candidate Sir SimFubara, bragging that by their defection to the PDP, there was no longer any APC in Okrika.
For her part, Claribel Abam, who expressed her joy at leaving the APC, said she would bring her rich experience to work to ensure the success of the party in Okrika in all its ramifications.
The highlight of the visit was the symbolic presentation of PDP membership cards to Godwin Tamuno and ClaribelAbam to signal their full readmission to the PDP family.
Other party leaders present at the meeting were Vice President, Hon Chukwuemeka Aaron; party secretary, Dr. Benibo George; Treasurer, Lawyer Blessing Amadi; Publicity Secretary, Hon TambariGbara; and Assistant Secretary 2, SuleAmakiri.
In a similar development, another group of decamped PHALGA also returned to the PDP from APC, Port Harcourt last Wednesday.
The historic and colorful event, which took place at the information centre, Number 5Field in the city of Port Harcourt, was honored by some members of the state’s PDP executive, including the state chairman , Amb Desmond Akawor; the vice-president, the Honorable Chukwuemeka Aaron; the Secretary of State, Dr. Benibo George; and the State Treasurer and House of Representatives candidate for Port Harcourt Constituency 1, Barrister Blessing Amadi.
Also present to receive the APC defectors were the party’s candidate for Rivers East Senate District, Chief Allwell Onyesoh; the House of Representatives candidate for Port Harcourt Constituency 2, Hon ChimaBoms; Member of the House of Assembly and candidate for Constituency 2 of Port Harcourt, Hon Smart Adoki; the President of PHALGA, Hon Allwell Ihunda; the chairman of PDP in Port Harcourt City, among others.
Speaking at the reception of the decamped, PDP Chairman Amb Desmond Akawor reiterated that there is no discrimination between old and new PDP members, saying new members have equal status to their former counterparts.
The PDP chairman also assured them that no one who had returned to the party had been left out in the scheme of things, emphasizing that everyone had been coached.
Supporting a non-discrimination case in the PDP, Akawor said one of their party’s former members, Chief Allwell Onyesoh, who left the APC some time ago, was now a PDP senatorial candidate.
While advising them to speak to those who were still undecided to take this bold and decisive step, he maintained that the broom which was the symbol of the APC was used at that time in the region of Diobu and the old township of Port Harcourt by the night floor men for packing up excrement, noting that it was dishonorable for honest people to carry brooms up and down.
Akawor, who called their action symbolic, urged them to prepare their PVCs so that they could be used to punish the APC in the 2023 elections.
Earlier, party stakeholders in the constituency including Chief Allwell Onyesoh; Vice President of the PDP, the Honorable Chukwuemeka Aaron; Candidates for the House of Representatives for the PHALGA 1 and 2 constituencies, HonChimaBoms; State Treasurer and House of Representatives Candidate for Port Harcourt Constituency 1, Barrister Blessing Amadi; Mayor of the City of Port Harcourt, AllwellIhunda; Candidate for House of Assembly for Port Harcourt Constituency 2, Hon. Smart Adoki; The president of the PDP in the region, among others, welcomed the decamped and urged them to be ready for the task ahead.
Speaking on behalf of the decamped, the former Secretary of State for the organization of the APC, Ms. Gloria Nunju; former House of Assembly contender for PHALGA 2 constituency, Tonye Napoleon; and Sunday Okiri; affirmed their loyalty, commitment and willingness to work for PDP, pledging to use their PVCs to punish the APC for deceiving them.
They also expressed their happiness to be back in the PDP, which they called a “homecoming”.

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