SELMA, Alabama (WSFA) – August 16 is the day nearly 3,000 public school students begin their new school year in Selma.

The Selma City School District is just over a week away from the start of a new chapter in classroom learning. The first mission of all students, teachers and staff is to take COVID-19 seriously again as the new variant makes its presence known.

The commissioner issued an order on Friday.

“We will continue social distancing from 3 to 6 feet where possible in our schools. The mask is mandatory for all of our academics, teachers, staff and visitors to all of our schools, ”said Superintendent Avis Williams.

Williams came up with a long list with 15 chips to help mitigate the COVID-19 virus. This is only a partial list. All students must attend an in-person learning unless enrolled in Saints Virtual Academy, vaccinations are strongly encouraged for schoolchildren ages 12 and up, and a thorough clean-up will take place throughout the school year .

The school district saw nearly 80 positive cases of COVID-19 last year and lost one. Williams is not interested in seeing a repeat.

“We plan to do our part every day and make sure we are masked,” Williams said.

With so many COVID-19 guidelines to follow this year, one policy remains in place for now. There are no restrictions on participation in sporting events.

“But we will remain in close contact with the Alabama High School Athletic Association,” said Williams.

With just over a week, principals in the town of Selma are gearing up for another year, doing all they can to keep the virus from dominating the school district like last year.

You can see the full list of COVID-19 guidelines for Selma City schools on the school’s website and social media page.

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