by Danielle Linton-Hatfield/Personal editor

At the Slater School Board meeting on Monday, August 22, the principals and superintendent shared their excitement for the new school year.

“Right now it looks like we have 221 students enrolled… It will probably fluctuate quite a bit,” said Becky Drummond, elementary and junior principal. “We always have day one surprises that come up.”

High school principal Jessica Clements said enrollment for students at Slater High School was 132.

“We’ve just gotten off to a great start,” she added. “We look forward to getting started with senior recognition for softball and football.”

Clements noted that the senior softball reconnaissance will take place on Tuesday, August 30 and the senior football reconnaissance will take place on Friday, September 2.

“Those are the opening two home games for each sport,” she said.

Superintendent Terry Lorenz said he is also excited for the upcoming school year.

“It was a great week last week with the staff – lots of excitement – you can just feel it building,” he said.

Lorenz reported to the board that the dugout on the softball and baseball field was also complete. Other projects the district has completed or maintained include a classroom floor and patchwork on Morgan Street.

“The patchwork and sealing on Morgan Street for parking spaces – there’s just a little more to do,” he continued. “They did 90% of the job. They fixed a few patches, put some more cold patch in a few places they cut out. They didn’t want to seal or paint. They want to give him about a week to heal.

However, Lorenz said as soon as the street heals, the painting and sealing will be complete. He said the district also received the new early childhood shed.

“We need to pour some concrete out front and have some shelving built over the next few weeks – but that should be a much more user-friendly operation,” Lorenz added.

(He informed the board that he is still awaiting numbers for a classroom paging system. Once Lorenz has those numbers, he’ll present them to the council.

After some discussion about the HVAC, lighting, and roofing projects, Lorenz said he appreciates the city for filling the football field hole. It has been leveled and seeded.

“I’ve just been on all levels – the community, the business leaders, the support for me and the school – it’s just phenomenal, and I really appreciate that,” he said. he concluded.

The Slater School Board concluded its public meeting and brought a motion to adjourn behind closed doors to discuss personal and legal matters on August 22.