In this week’s Tabletop Spotlight, Adam and Matt talk about Leagues of Votann Nerfs and show off other great board games!

We’ve been doing our Tabletop Spotlight show for a while, but we mostly post on Facebook. However, we are now also uploading them to our Youtube channel. In this week’s episode, we discuss what happened with Votann Leagues and share some additional thoughts on these changes.

Votann Nerfs – Necessary… but maybe a bit too fast?

In case you missed the big news of the week, Leagues of Votann received a nerf this week from Games Workshop. Personally, I’m a bit mixed on this. We cover this topic in the video, but here are the basics:

The changes were warranted and were a bit obvious when you read the codex. Abe even did an analysis comparing Earth Fortress Hekaton to the Space Marine Repulsor Executioner. In a 1:1 comparison, it’s clear that one of those things didn’t score the same. Obviously, this book has been outdated, to put it politely.

On another side this army is not really out yet. More than half of the units are not available. The standard codex is not available for purchase. And no one was able to play with a full 2000 army using these models.

In the video, I argue that while it’s clear the military has some pretty crazy rules (and it’s pretty clear just by reading them), I still would have liked to see some hard data for save these changes. Games Workshop has just gone into detail about how they collect and analyze tournament data in Age of Sigmar. They do the same for 40k. So it’s a bit strange to see them making these changes based on “gut feeling”…and some “very loud players shouting at the internet”.

I don’t know why they didn’t do their standard “FAQ update two weeks later” with this release. Maybe they didn’t want to wait until it was all out (or until someone bought a 2000 point army) to increase the points? Perhaps they were looking for the interest of future Leagues of Votann players in terms of money invested in the military? Now a 2000 point army will be cheaper to build (because the points have increased). I mean, I don’t really think that’s the case… but the point boosts help players field a smaller (and therefore cheaper) army now.

Never mind. It’s done now! And if you want to know more about why the leagues were uh… “over-tuned”, you can find out more directly from Games Workshop.

Featured products of this week


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This expansion is a fantastic addition to any Arkham Horror: The Card Game player’s collection, and the cards it contains can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any scenario or campaign in the game.

Mosaic: a history of civilization

Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis $44.99

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Phoenix $16.99

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For players looking to challenge Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, they can start with the Phoenix Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a pre-built 40-card deck, giving players the ability to start playing right out of the box.

Catania: the dawn of humanity

The first branches of the human family tree sprouted in Africa up to 300,000 years ago. Over millennia, humans have traveled, putting down roots in all parts of the world, evolving, adapting and innovating as they go.

In Dawn of Humankind, you will guide a branch of the human family to gather resources, migrate and settle in new regions, while advancing their technology and culture. The player who is best able to grow and develop their flourishing civilization wins!

This fresh and dynamic reboot of the original The Settlers of the Stone Age game is rooted in the classic CATAN game system with many new game mechanics, strategies and adventures to discover.

Congratulations again to our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics And Fantasy here in Austin. We couldn’t do this show without them, so show them some love!

You can pick up these products this weekend at your FLGS and support your local scene!


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