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The “Baby Jets”, as Coach Saleh likes to call them, finally got a big win on the national stage. This team has the youngest players in the entire league. That means there’s a lot of these things to come in the future. Receipts, haters, losers who thought the Dolphins won didn’t count because they had a third player in the game. The best thing about today’s game was how well the defense played and put pressure on Rogers. Our defense under Saleh has always been good, it’s just that the attack has never been able to produce points and stay on the pitch long enough to give them a fair chance. I’m all for the offense being a second half team; we have the defense to shut it down long enough for the super young team to get into their groove.

Braxton Berrios is once again showing that he is truly worth the money we paid him this offseason. The guy has taken one of those ends home in 2 of the last 3 games and brings an offensive dynamic that we need with a young QB like Zach. This game is the one that maybe got me too excited because those big special teams games are the ones that take you deep into the playoffs. I mean, these games show that the team has a great fucking vibe. This type of play is what makes great teams great and Micheal Clemons getting the block AFTER the special teams unit blocked a field goal is great news for the rest of the season.

The Jets have been a 4th quarter team this year and Breece Hall and Micheal Carter have been ultimate workhorses as the Gash teams in the 4th quarter.

So Zach Wilson had disappointing stats, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You see, it was a cold, rainy day in Greenbay. A perfect situation for a young quarterback to hamper his team and hinder victory. Zach did exactly what he had to do, execute the offense without turnovers and secure the win. He didn’t need to post crazy numbers. They really should have scored in that last set of goals. That would have officially made him the clown, but let’s not rush it. Breece Hall and Sauce Gardner outdid themselves with the Cellys today. Lambeau Jumping as an opponent is one thing, but running with a head of cheese after the game can backfire.

The sauce played an incredible game; glad to hear he cleared the concussion protocol. The cheese head thing, I hope, wasn’t the product of being a bit out of it. It will definitely be bulletin board material for the Packers, but for Jets fans, it’s fun to have a team that can actually troll people.

The Broncos are the next challenge for the Jets and call me crazy, but this is another game I think we can absolutely win. Denver is trash and Russel Wilson is a clown. The Jets defense is going to put the pressure on and bring them down. Hopefully Zach Wilson can have a confidence game where he puts it on to prove to everyone that he can do it. But totally okay with him, just leading the attack and winning games. If the Bills lose, the Jets are at the top of the AFC East! Just something to think about.