The Pokemon community has been excited about the return of Pokemon cards to McDonalds this month, but some cards are already more expensive and desirable than others.

Last year, Pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary by releasing a small collection of cards available at McDonalds along with Happy Meals. The small packs caused chaos in the Pokemon TCG community, with collectors buying up hundreds of Happy Meals to get their hands on as many cards as possible. This left many casual fans and young children with no chance of getting the cards at McDonalds, forcing them to buy the cards online at higher prices if they really wanted them.

This time around, McDonalds announced that there would be a limit to the number of Happy Meals each individual can purchase, in an attempt to avoid another scalping fiasco. Without the frenzied mayhem and hype of big YouTubers, some fans wonder if McDonalds cards are even worth all the buzz.

Here’s how much you can expect to get if you pull off all the most expensive Pokemon cards in the McDonalds special collaboration.

Pokemon McDonalds card prices revealed

Now that it’s been a while, the value of each Pokémon card has been decided. Most of the cards in the 15-card collection aren’t worth much after all. Non-holographic cards currently sell on eBay and sites like TCGPlayer for $1 or $2.

Some holographic cards have a slightly higher price. Gossifuer, Growlithe, Smeargle, Rowlet, and Victini cost around $4 to $6.

So what is the most expensive Pokemon McDonalds card? Right now, the holographic Pikachu is unsurprisingly the most valuable card in the small collection. You can expect to get around $10 for this card.

What is the most expensive Pikachu card?

Pikachu has always been considered the mascot of the Pokemon franchise. Many of the most valuable Pikachu cards come from special events or are misprints. One of the most expensive Pikachu cards is the No. Trainer Promo Pikachu card, of which there are only three. This rare card can cost you up to $200,000.

The most expensive card, however, is the Pikachu Illustrator. At auction, the small collection of remaining Pikachu Illustrator cards fetched millions of dollars. There would be less than 10 such cards available to find in the world.

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