Miami knows how to move, and no one does it better than its local dance companies.

These companies spearhead some of the city’s most memorable productions, spanning flamenco masterpieces, technically immaculate ballet events, and performances conveying messages of equality and inclusion.

As fall kicks into high gear, waste no time when you check out these Miami dance companies.

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Adele Myers & Dancers have more female shows coming up.

Photo by Liliana Mora

Adele Myers and dancers

Founded in 2010, Adele Myers & Dancers focuses on community engagement and empowerment of female dance artists in our region and beyond. Among her most recent efforts, Adele Myers & Dancers has taken her TURN production (These women in space and time) on a national tour. The show features five female athletes embodying female solidarity and incredible strength/physicality. Dates will be announced soon for TURN, extending until 2024.

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Miami Cuban Classical Ballet

Photo courtesy of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami

Miami Cuban Classical Ballet

Focused solely on the classical ballet repertoire and its technical execution, Cuban Classical Ballet Miami has performed everything from white swan at Swan Lake at Carmen over its 16-year history. The late Pedro Pablo Peña founded the company to preserve and enhance the technique of the exiled Cuban ballet community. Currently led by artistic director Eriberto Jimenez, the company has yet to announce its next season.

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Dance now! Miami has a full slate through May 2023 with surely more to come.

Photo courtesy of Dance Now! Miami

Dance now! Miami

In its 22nd year of existence, Dance Now! Miami knows how to keep it cool. With founding directors Hannah Baumgarten and Diego Salterini at its helm, the company often partners with the hottest companies, infusing modern and contemporary elements. For this and more, he was honored as new times’ Best dance company in 2022, and the times ahead seem to keep the momentum going. Dance now! Miami has performances scheduled through May 2023, including “Fall for Dance Now!” November 6; “Men Who Dance” scheduled for November 26 and 27; and Clear, in collaboration with Opus Ballet, on December 10.

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Dimensions Dance Theater will put together more diverse offerings in the coming months.

Photo by Simon Soong

Dimensions Dance Theater

In terms of dance companies that embrace multicultural and diverse endeavors, Dimensions Dance Theater is a mainstay. The company was founded by Miami City Ballet alumni Jennifer Kronenburg and Carlos Miguel Guerra, with undeniably classical and contemporary roots. For the rest of his 2022-23 roster, must-haves include Nutcracker in collaboration with the Miami Youth Ballet at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (December 3-4) and “Miniaci Program II: Flavors of Spain” at the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center (April 29).

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Karen Peterson Dancers offers a memorable show with performers with and without disabilities.

Photo courtesy Karen Peterson Dancers

Karen Peterson Dancers

Few experiences are as powerful as those generated by Karen Peterson Dancers. Founded in 1992 by its namesake, the company includes dancers with and without disabilities who come together beautifully for performances throughout the region. To date, its educational programming has reached more than 5,000 teens with special needs in Miami-Dade schools, in addition to its highly anticipated productions. His physically integrated Forward Motion dance festival and conference is scheduled for October 27-29 at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium.

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Romeo and Juliet is part of Miami City Ballet’s upcoming productions.

Photo by Alexander Iziliaev

Miami City Ballet

From attracting global talent to nurturing ballet’s next superstars, Miami City Ballet has been a regional powerhouse in the making for more than three decades. Miami City Ballet’s 2022-23 season includes four productions: Romeo and Juliet (October 21 to November 13), “Modern Masters” (February 10 to March 5), “Fresh and Fierce” including a West Side Story suite (from April 14 to 30) and “Entradas” (from May 12 to 21). To get in the holiday spirit, MCB also presents Nutcracker by George Balanchine from December 16 to 30.

Momentum Dance Company

Momentum Dance Company turns 40, which in 2022 marks a major milestone for the South Florida contemporary dance company with director Delma Iles at its helm. Some of his must-sees throughout the region include Artz-n-the-Hood in Liberty City, the Miami Dance Festival, and family-friendly shows at cultural centers.

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Peter London Global Dance Company has plans for Miami Art Week and more.

Photo by Gregory Reed

Peter London World Dance Company

In the world of multicultural contemporary dance, Peter London remains a household name. Check out the Peter London Global Dance Company at the Adrienne Arsht Center of the Performing Arts, the Little Haiti Cultural Center, and various venues around town. The company’s namesake is a prominent dance teacher at Miami-Dade College’s New World School of the Arts. Its 2022 program includes the launch of a dance film (Expulsion), a Miami Beach Botanical Gardens performance by Wings & Roses, and more. Upcoming shows include Miami Art Week at the Betsy Hotel in collaboration with artist photographer Tamari Kudita (December 1-3) and Arsht’s Carnival Studio Theater for her ancestral land tenth anniversary experience.

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birds of paradise by Pioneer Winter Collective continues its journey in 2023.

Photo courtesy of Pioneer Winter Collective

Pioneer Winter Collective

Pioneer Winter continues to live up to its name. The extraordinary choreographer continues to infuse themes of queer beauty, community and visibility into his company’s works. And it continues to resonate, most recently in the form of “Under the Electric Tree: Close Encounters” at Griffing Park and birds of paradise – with film, installation and live dancing – at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Pioneer Winter Collective continues its momentum as birds of paradise arrives at the Sandrell Rivers Theater March 23-25. His latest project, DJ Apolloinspired by Greek myth, American ballet and oral histories, will follow with dates yet to be announced.

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Flamenco and the name Siudy Garrido have become synonymous in Miami and far beyond.

Photo courtesy of Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company

Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company

Miami loves a touch of spice in any scenario. And in terms of a peppery touch of flamenco in contemporary productions, Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company does it like few others. Founded in Caracas in 2000 (and in Miami since 2015), the company has graced major stages across the Americas, from the Hollywood Bowl to Acapulco’s Forum de Mundo Imperial, all with its namesake diva setting the floor on fire. Confirmed local performances include an October 8-9 stint at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, with more to come.