Russian forces advancing towards Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, “meet more resistance than expected”, a senior US defense official told reporters on Friday.

“I can’t give you an exact geographical location of where they are, but they are not moving on Kyiv as fast as they expected,” the official said.

The official added that the Russians “continue to try to advance towards Kiev”, even if they meet Ukrainian resistance.

The Russian invasion of the country continues in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region and south towards the Ukrainian city of Kherson across the river, the official added. These are still the three main advances on the country that Russia started yesterday, the official said.

There have been “no additional airdrops in the past 24 hours” in the Kharkiv region, the official said.

The biggest change the United States is seeing comes from the advance in the south, the official added. Russian forces are still heading towards Kherson across the river, but they are also splitting off with some forces to head northeast “in the direction of Mariupol and the Donbass region”, the official said.

“South towards Kherson on the river – we estimate that they continue to move in this direction. But we also believe that – based on what we see in addition to moving from Crimea on an axis to the north -west towards Kherson – they are also splitting off from some forces to go northeast, sort of towards Mariupol’ and the Donbass region,” the official said.

Here is a map to better understand the locations:

A look at where Ukraine is under Russian military assault CNN’s Henrik Pettersson

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