Heroes and Might and Magic 3 is a titan of his time, and it’s high time he adapted to his own board game.

Ubisoft has officially licensed Archon Studio, creators of the upcoming Wolfenstein: the board game. Archon’s specialty is miniatures, and their plan for the cult turn-based classic will be to transform MEN 3‘s dragons, angels, demons and other creatures in detailed figurines.

“In Poland, this game was one of the most iconic games we played. Basically all the kids in the late 90s were playing hero games, and we’re very happy to turn our childhood sweetheart into a minifigure-based board game, ”said Jarsoslaw Ewertowski, CEO of Archon Studio .

Like almost all board games these days, it will first launch as a Kickstarter campaign in November 2022. It will basically revolve around tile-based exploration, with the player only being able to see the tiles. immediately around its base.

In an email with Kotaku Australia, the designers said that a prototype of the game has been in development since November 2020, with Ubisoft agreeing to a licensing agreement shortly after.

I asked how the traditional Heroes of Might and Magic cycle – where you earn money every week and recruit new allies to your base – would fit into the context of a board game. The studio said it is still testing elements of the design, but for now, your population will determine how many units you can recruit.

MEN It’s all about developing massive stacks of armies and having multiple heroes with different types of armies. Your hero’s movement speed was limited to your slowest army unit. Lots of abilities and artifacts have been replicated in card form, and they shouldn’t have any difficulty upgrading to a physical board game.

There’s a long way to go between now and his Kickstarter – I wouldn’t expect backers to get the game until at least mid-2023, if not later, given that the campaign won’t be released. line before November 2022. But it seems that Archon is designing the MEN game around longer play sessions of a few hours, considering exploration, recruiting higher level army levels, and hero development.

Only three cities will be included at this point – Demon Summoner Hell, Classic Castle Humans, and “One City to Be Announced”. Considering that this is a minifigure-based game, this might be one of the few cases where Conflux – a pretty boring town to play MEN 3 normally – actually shines. But the rest of the MEN cities would make excellent figurines. The fortress, with all its dragonflies, wyverns, hydras and basilisks, would be neat. (Wyverns and Jellyfish are already featured above, as are Minotaurs and Troglodytes in Dungeon City, so players may be able to recruit a mix of troops unrelated to their city.)

For more information on the official MEN board game, you can sign up for updates through the official website.